Camp Wakanda Forever

is creating a place where youths learn about who they’re, could & should be.




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About Camp Wakanda Forever

Camp Wakanda Forever Inc.

Where our youths find mentors, role models, teachers, leaders, friends, family, jobs and a empowering sense of accomplishment & pride. Where we nurture, develop, refine and enhance their natural born skills and acquired talents. Where they learn about their true history and heritage as well as who they’re, could and should be.

Where everything is about us!
  • Walkways, streets, cabins named after our heroines and heroes.
  • Clothing lines we create in our fashion studio (WAKA Wear).
  • Music we create in our recording studio (WAKA Vibes).
  • News we broadcast to the world that tells our stories from our perspective (WCN Network).
  • Themes and decor of our banquet facilities, classrooms and meeting rooms depicts and tells our stories.
  • Organic foods we produce in our greenhouses and farm.
  • Documentaries, sitcoms, talk shows & movies we write and produced in our movie studio (WAKA Studio).
  • ETC

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