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Same as above, I am just more grateful.


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-Videos!!! Every month I will be making a specially selected video playlist of lots of neat stuff directly related to Canadian Glam and the chapters that i am working on!!!!
-Ask me stuff! Drop me a line!  -Access to my Canadian Glam project: my exploration of Glam rock in Canada, lots of fun writing, music, and research!




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HI THERE! Thanks for popping by! I super duper appreciate your interest!
Canadian Glam is a book that will document Glam in Canada primarily in the 70s! Anything with a bit of pixie dust that is outrageous and kicks against Canadian cultural conservatism involving music, fashion, strong visuals, gender play, and performance.
This book will be a voyage of PIZZAZZAMATAZZ for anyone interested in excitement and Glam in general as well as those most curious about underacknowledged parts of Canadian cultural history.

You may be asking "You live in Canada, why not get a grant?" It's not so easy. My project for some reason (like many people) has not been very funding friendly even though I have a pretty strong CV of getting things done and getting things done well. Canada works safe. I take risks. Countless original interviews (Sweeney Todd! Fludd! La Troupe Grotesques! Master Johns! Crackers! Danger! Aut Chose! Dr Brute!) have already been done across the country on my troubled credit card and now I need the time to transcribe and write this tome! Your Patreon support will help to make that possible with access to sneak peeks and advance doo-dads. I am pretty excited to have Patreon as a place that will allow me to create bold new stuff unfettered and untethered that is meaningful and unique and engaging. Your subscription helps to make this a reality.

What about me?  I have a long history of creating a wide range of uniquely Glammy stuff (my character The Canadian Romantic, the musical acts Canned Hamm, July Fourth Toilet & Hallmark and much more). I've written for byNWR, Scram, Roctober, Bananafish, The Onion, Cinema Sewer, Hazlitt and much more.  Visit for more back story and -BIG NEWS!- you can even order my latest book The Empty Bed, a darkly comic pen-and-ink break-up book! 

Here's a couple of blurbs about it:
"Robert's work on the stage and studio has always been both side-splittingly hilarious and goddamned distressing; working in the book format he offers up an additional, unexpected outcome--pure beauty!"
-Gregg Turkington, comedian
"Writer, artist, performer and singer Robert Dayton bluntly and humourously exposes the nerves and feels of a broken heart.”
- Fiona Smyth, cartoonist, artist, co author of Sex Is A Funny Word
"The Empty Bed Impulse is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Dayton both writes and illustrates this hilarious, aphoristic, pained journey through the days of abandonment, an account of a breakup packed with self-lacerating memes, astonishing quips and raw-with-freshness cries to a universe devoid of everything but cruel laughter! You can't stop yourself from blitzing through this wonder!"
- Guy Maddin, director, the Forbidden Room

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When I reach 500 dollars not only will my content be upped due to not having to rely as much on crummy survival jobs but one lucky top subscriber will get a free custom portrait of their mythical beast and etymology reading of their name!!!! I will also be thanking each and every one of you...
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