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Hi, everyone!

I go by Canary or AdminC online, and I'm the friendly neighborhood webmistress of I put together forums for Legend of the Five Rings online forum games, provide webspace for hosting, handle any and all maintenance of said webspace, and also do a fair bit of graphic design in the process (for those at Kyuden Suzume, those snazzy Sparrow thread icons are my doing, as well as the edit of the top banner).

All the stuff I do is totally gratis, for the enjoyment of the players and GMs, the former of whom I am among, and the latter I eventually intend to join.

However, the webspace and whatnot isn't free for me, and while I don't mind providing, it can be a bit of a hit to the pocketbook every year. So! If you enjoy having the games around, and are feeling inspired toward generosity, donations really help me out. Don't worry, the site isn't going to go away, and I'm not gonna start putting up ads or anything like that if I don't break even. This is purely voluntary and just a matter of good will and fluffy feels and helping out and stuff.

I'm not just gonna sit and beg, though. If you do sign on to be a donor, I'd be happy to help out with character portraits from time to time, mainly in terms of photo editing to make an existing image match up to what you want for your characters. I can do banners and whatnot, as well. I would offer custom avatars, but I'm not sure my art quality is quite up to what anyone is looking for here. I'll leave it for you to decide on that:

tl;dr:  by donating.
$154 of $500 per month
At this point, I can focus more of my energy on the site, meaning faster websites going up, more custom graphics, and that sort of thing. Basically anything past this means even more. It could get pretty snazzy.
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