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  • Every episode of CANCELED TOO SOON, the podcast where we review tv shows that lasted only one season or less, including...
  • THE CANCELED TOO SOON MONTHLY MOVIE: Bonus podcast episodes produced exclusively for Patreon describers, in which Bibbs and Witney review weird, obscure or just plain awful movies, mini-series or specials from throughout television history.
  • Patron-only polls, in which YOU get to pick a new episode of CANCELED TOO SOON, every single month!
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  • ONLY THE BEST: The podcast where we review every Best Picture nominee, in chronological order, year by year!
  • We'll write two articles of your choice at the CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED website! You're our editor, and you get to assign movie reviews, TV reviews, editorials, top ten lists, almost anything you want, for publication at! (Two articles per year, one per host. Some restrictions apply.)
  • EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS throughout the year from Bibbs and Witney, including movie reviews, TV reviews, and more!
  • Plus all previous rewards!
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  • One (1) official CANCELED TOO SOON t-shirt or mug of your choice! 
  • GOOGLE HANGOUTS every three months with Bibbs and Witney (and possibly some special guests), answering questions, taking suggestions and - schedule permitting - lavishing attention on the show's unofficial mascot, Sergio the Cat!
  • THE CANCELED TOO SOON CLUB: Four times a year you will receive pop culture goodies from Bibbs and Witney, specially curated to be totally awesome. DVDs, CDS, books, toys and more!
  • Plus all previous rewards!