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is creating music, videos and a blog about Love Activism.

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I offer free downloads of my music (such as the music in my video) to anybody who joins my mailing list. As a patron reward I will give extra music downloads that are not otherwise available. These will tend to be quirkier, rougher tracks at a demo stage, but I think that's kind of fun.




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I am a filmmaker, musician and writer who believes the human race is more beautiful than it realises. I wish to promote all of the positive and inspiring content I see on my newsfeeds, and meet the more negative, challenging material with compassion and heart.

I alternate my content: one week I will create a video that represents the most positive, inspiring contribution I can make (my main topics are human creativity and the human condition), the next week I gather together the most inspiring, uplifting online contributions of others, the folk from all around the world, post links to their work on my CANDiLINKS page and talk about why I find them so inspirational in my blog.

The intention is that, as time goes by, and more material goes up, CANDiGRAM will become a concentrated hotspot of uplifting content on the internet, a place where people will want to come because they feel safe from clickbait and know they will encounter something humane and inspiring.

Ultimately I would like to inspire as many people as I can to populate their newsfeeds with the most uplifting shares. There are such beautiful people out there creating such wonderful content and, for me, the more that is propagated, the more it becomes part of our global cultural identity, the brighter the future will look.


I'm self employed, making my living from making promotional films for local grassroots organisations. Filmmaking is a time intensive business and the more support I can get from patrons the more time I will be able to spend on creating the CANDiGRAMs (the film I have posted with this pitch is the very first CANDiGRAM). These films contain my heart and soul. And a major aspect of them is highlighting the amazing creativity of my community.

Some CANDiGRAMs will be dedicated to showcasing the work of artists, young and old, in my area. Some will focus specifically on the value and magic of collaboration. CANDiGRAM is all about what we are capable of as a collective - when we put our insecurities aside and work and play together. It's about our evolution both as individuals and as communities, from the smallest circle of friends to the entire worldwide family.
$0 of $2,000 per Videos

I'm planning and developing this film anyway, but $2,000 per video would pay for the time and resources to complete it far, far more quickly.

The project title is: "Some Unlikely Word or Phrase", and the key theme is an exploration of the importance of an artist's belief in their own art. This is accompanied by an exploration of the definition of the word "Art". The argument will be made that an artist's belief in their own art is synonymous with any persons belief in their own self expression. So the film is truly about the human condition and the idea that all humans could recognise their own self expression as being valid, valuable, healing, transformative. But certain cultural beliefs need to be overhauled in the process, such as: What constitutes "good" art.

I will be using my own personal journey with artistic insecurity as a spine for the documentary's narrative, but I'll also be interviewing "everyday artists" and showcasing their artistic expression in order to illustrate my points.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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