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is creating Candogram - job market analysis for students
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Education is the second largest expense in your life. Make it count!

Create an account on www.candogram.com. Make sure you use the same email address as on Patreon.

  • You receive access to the online data of the Candogram website (www.candogram.com). Candogram analyzes about 2 million live job postings every 24hrs and  makes results available to subscribers. Job data is organized by job titles, skill and education requirements, income, location, employer, volume (job market need), growth or decline. Every data point is linked to the original job posting on the employer web site. All job openings have a work location in the United States.

  • Self assess your skill set according to about 5000 job requirements. 

  • Find your skills gap. This enables you to find matching courses to reduce your skills gap and make you more marketable.

  • Discover where in the United States you have the best job opportunities based on your job preferences and matching skill set.


  • Research job openings by job title. 
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Make sure you have an account on www.candogram.com with the same email address as you Patreon account.

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  • Research job openings by employer

 Make sure you have an account on www.candogram.com with the same email address as you Patreon account. 



About Henning Seip

The job market is the destination of all students. But what skills and education does the job market want? After all, you spend 4 years in high school and 4 years in college plus thousands in tuition. You really want to make that count!

As a hiring manager I had to read a lot of resumes. What bothered me most was that almost nobody seemed to care about the job requirements in my job postings. You can have worked for the greatest companies in the world but if you don't have the skills and education I need you are not a candidate.

I created Candogram, a website that analyzes 2 million live job postings for the skill and education requirements and turns them into an interactive experience about what employers want. This helps you decide which majors to pursue and which courses to take. As you track the job market you keep your learning aligned with employer needs. When you graduate you are perfect for your dream job!
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