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About Cane and Rinse

Cane and Rinse is a videogames podcast.

Our team of experienced enthusiasts takes a different game (or occasionally a series of games) each show and passionately discusses the experiences that title offers.

We try to be well-researched and thorough while doing our best to avoid hyperbole, pigeonholing or the stating of subjective opinions as though they are inarguable facts.

Since October 2011 Cane and Rinse has produced well over 400 podcasts (every Monday for 50 weeks of the year), each around two hours long.

As well as the main show we also produce irregular specials featuring industry figures. So far we have interviewed Fumito Ueda, Denis Dyack, Keiichiro Toyama, Ryan Hart, Iain Angus, James Mielke, Paul Rose (aka Mr Biffo) and a number of others including the developers of notable indie titles such as Frog Fractions, Proteus and Overcooked.

Alongside the main Cane and Rinse podcast, we also make Sound of Play, a podcast dedicated to our love of videogame music released every other Wednesday.

Almost everything that we release (and have released) digitally - including Cane and Rinse podcasts, Cane and Rinse interview podcasts, Sound of Play podcasts, and The Sausage Factory podcasts - will ultimately be available to everyone for free.

Currently, the paywall-locked items (available as an added incentive for all $2+ Patreon subscribers) are extended cuts of the main Cane and Rinse podcasts, 3 months timed exclusivity for our Console Specials, as well as an exclusive subscriber podcast hosted by Leon and Jay every month.

Any and all donations that we receive allow us to continue to put a great deal of time and effort into Cane and Rinse.

We simply ask those who can afford to, and who feel that the material we have produced and continue to produce is worth something to you in return, to pledge $2 US per month (or more if you wish).

As an alternative you can donate via the PayPal button which is now live at

PayPal donations are equally greatfully received but we regret that it is not possible for us to give access to the extended podcast cuts or exclusive monthly podcast in return.

If you feel that your money would be better spent on a more worthwhile cause, then please consider supporting the work of the amazing Special Effect

Please accept the Cane and Rinse team’s genuine gratitude for any support that you are willing and able to give.

Thank you.


The Cane and Rinse podcast was a finalist in the Best Podcast & Radio category of the 2018 Games Media Brit List Awards.
Your Games Media Brit List 2018 Finalists...

"If you’re looking for deep dives into classic games or a closer look at some of the best video game music, Cane and Rinse and its associated podcast Sound of Play make for essential listening.
From Red Bull Gaming's Top 10 Best Games Podcasts

“This is my favourite podcast as it offers a different angle to the usual ‘what we’ve been playing’ offerings from other podcasts.”
From ‘The World’s Best Videogame Podcasts’ by Metro GameCentral

“The show takes one video game per episode and dissects it like a science-class frog. The games chosen are usually at least a few years old in the hopes of lending some equanimity to the proceedings, after the hype or backlash that a game might have been cloaked in no longer wields any real power.”
From 'These are the Five Video Gaming Podcasts You Need in Your Life' by Jagger Gravning for

“As always, the crew’s finer points are articulate and well reasoned. Arguments occasionally arise, but Cane and Rinse is more interested in analysis and discussion than fireworks, which is refreshing in a field often fueled by hyperactivity.”
Randall Colburn, A.V. Club

“I find the podcasts interesting to listen to even if I haven’t played the particular game being discussed and on one more than one occasion it has inspired me to play the discussed title.”
From ‘The World’s Best Videogame Podcasts, part 2’ by Metro GameCentral

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