is creating Illustrations, Speedpaints and Animatics.
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About Caniday

Hello there!
I'm Izzy, a freelance artist who has recently graduated and gotten her Bachelors in Game Design!

Alongside searching for a job in the industry, I create art independently too. This is mainly in the form of fanart, however I'm hoping to start producing my first ever webcomic soon, which is exciting. 

Your support will mean the world to me- and help take away the pressures of everyday finances, as well as eventually helping me get better equipment. 
Ultimately, it's my dream to be able to have my entire career be just creating my art! Although that is FAR down the line, every dollar gets me that little bit closer to that dream!

Thank you so, so much for reading this- and double thanks if you decide to donate, no matter how much that is! (You'll be getting rewards beyond my thanks if you donate, of course- these bonuses are detailed in the tiered list!)


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Getting Started!
With the minimum amount that I'd be getting from my patrons at this point, I'd be able to not worry about where to get the money for my medication every month. 
It's something small, but this would take a lotta pressure off my back.
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