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'High' there! I go by 'Cannasseur Q' and I'm making accurate cannabis content entertaining and accessible.

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My first and most important goal: to upgrade technology setup.

All of my devices have broken in some capacity, I'm running on fumes and borrowed phone cameras.

Currently the audio on the Oregon Experts and Cannasseur Q videos (both of which I produce) is... awful. 

By helping me upgrade, not only will you actually be able to hear what Oregon Experts are teaching you, but I will finally be able to start my planned podcast series! (!!!!!!!) This will be available to everyone on oregonexperts.com as well as on TheWeedTube with audio + visual!

Thank you all in advance- any size contribution helps!

Peace and Love,


PS. Goals aside from camera and microphone upgrades will include a computer from this century, editing software, website domains, and travel/living expenses for the best "Edutainment" possible.
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