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The world is going through a once in a generation, perhaps once in a century shift.

“Electrify Everything”.

Australia. Are we the lucky country?

The gold rush came and went. So white Australia rode the sheeps back, and fed the world wheat. Coal and gas has been good for some, kind of on the wane now… don’t you think?

Indigenous Australian’s must wonder why we’ve bothered. They have a point. Two centuries of extraction and we are working harder, longer, for less.

Well, a bunch of us decided we are done repeating the rhyming mistakes of history. We hope we aren’t insane, so why would we want to repeat them?

Australia, for better or worse, is home to all the key metals required to make batteries. Heaps of them. Enough batteries to replace centuries of oil extraction (wealth extraction) accumulated in the hands of a sovereign few.

Here we host and post data that makes becoming a battery metal supply chain super power compelling. But Why?

Because, this time is going to be different.

This won’t be the boom and bust cycle we’ve come to expect in our complacency.

This won’t just be a lucky few that cream the wealth of the nation.

This time, enough of us, are going to bang on for long enough, until we decide we can dig it.

We can dig it for us.

For all Australian’s.

For all time.

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