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Let's Dungeon!

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Get into the Project! Receive an amazing Dungeon monster or boss + Extra models as the month allows. 

  • 1 Dungeon monster + extra models a month

Capsule Captor

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Double fun and trouble! Get into the project and receive random character models through the month! Up to the current goal!


  • High quality model for FDM and resin (Laser and DLP) printers for Maximum detail.
  • High quality render of the model in an image file.
  • Access to the CAPSULE POLL. Bid on what's next!

Capsule Collector

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Triple threat and trouble!  Not only do you get the previous rewards, but you'll also get the original Zbrush 4r8 editable file before decimation for your personal use. Want to edit or repose? you can!

  • Original Zbrush Model file you can tweak to your liking. 
  • Plus all previous rewards




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About Capsule chibi


Chibis are cartoony, adorable characters that have made a splash in the boardgaming and miniature industries with games such as Super dungeon explore, Arcadia quest, ninja all stars, and many more. They are also featured in collectible figurines, and other geek paraphernalia. 

What if you could bring hundreds of characters into your gaming and painting hobby? with hundreds of figurines from pop culture, fiction, and awesome originals? with the power of 3d printing, You can! 

My name is Heriberto, and alongside my dearest girlfriend: Dia, we've partnered to bring the cute to your 3d printer. With the 3d sculpting experience of having both worked in the hobby miniature and board game industries, we create amazing models for you!

HERE IS A LIST of all our releases compiled by date. Thanks a lot to Charlotte Heilling who created this document.

If you want an image catalogue of all our previous releases to see if you like what there's available go to the facebook page.


Let's Dungeon
Monsters, mobs, bosses! Do you want to add some cute monster to your dungeon? This is the pledge level for you. Get also an EXTRA miniature release at the end of the month plus all the free miniatures we release every now and then.

Capsule Captor
The works!  FIVE miniatures total which include the Let's dungeon release + the EXTRA release. Lots of value every month.

Capsule Collector
The special level for those who want to go behind the scenes and take a peek into the editable file. Files are offered as Ztool Zbrush 2019 files. 

Impact Capsule!
Get the Capsule captor content + an exclusive EXTRA miniature designed in cooperation with Impact! miniatures. 

Capsule artist
Get EVERY miniature AND you get the chance to request a custom chibi illustration from DIA! (limited slots, check Faq)

Capsule Creator
The best of the best! receive the benefits from all the previous pledge levels, and commision a miniature!  

PREVIEW OUR MODELS and CHAT with us and other fellow community members by Joining our Discord server. Join us by Clicking the banner!


The Capsule chibi project is being created by Heriberto Valle and Dia Arízaga. Two budding artists from Mexico. We share a love for art both traditional and pop, and an interest in character design and modern media. 

Dia Arízaga
Illustrator and artist and all around Mexicat. She creates amazing illustrations and accepts commissions on her FB page at: Russian Blue Art

Heriberto Valle
The leader of the miniature and hobby sculptors of Märchen Atelier. Creating and sculpting for brands such as  Stonemeier games, Hysterical Games, Druid city games, and many, many more.

So, which format files do I get?
  • STL files and images. STL files are already decimated and optimized. Feel free to re-scale for customization.
Can I access the back catalogue?
  • Yes, by default on your Pledge level. (if you subscribe at 12 usd, you get all the 12 usd and lower releases)
Will you send me a printed model?
Where can you use them?
  • Board games, Role playing games, figures for children and others, collectibles, hobby models, Anywhere!
Can I sell the printed 3d models?
  • Please, please don't. Models are delivered under an Attribution Non-Commercial noderivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons license. 
Can I gift the 3d models to a friend?
  • Now you're talking! PLEASE do it. 
Can I change the size or edit the file in any way?
  • Of course! Please! have all the fun in the world with them! Specially with the editable ones.
Can I re sell an edited file from the 10$ tier?
  • Please do not. They are for personal use and for learning. However, if you do it for a friend or just want to sell one or two models to an acquitance, go on ahead. We just don't want them to be used commercially in an abusive way.
Can I commision a commercial piece in the 80$ tier?
  • No. This is for personal use. If you wish to commision a commercial piece for a personal project, please contact us so that we may negotiate outside of the patreon system.
So, I don't have a 3d printer myself but I want the files. Where can I print them?
I want you to create a design of (Insert character name here)
  • Comment on it! we will consider it if we like it. Also, if there's something you REALLY want to see brought to the world through 3d printing, There's a pledge level for that! 
I'm new to 3d printing and I want to do simple edits on your models like scale or supports. Any recommendations?
  • Yes, download Autodesk Meshmixer. It's free, and you'll get a lot out of it if you're into 3d printing. 
I have edited a file and created a mix, or I've created a new miniature by kitbashing pieces either from the regular releases or the editable files. Can I sale it or distribute it?
  • You cannot (please) sell it or distribute it as an original work. You can however, gift it, or share it with other patreons through discord. If you wish to share to a public site as thingiverse, please ask us first to determine if it is convenient (We do not wish to be too nitpicky, but it's just that once it's out there, there's not much we can do to protect the work)
I have just joined the CAPSULE ARTIST Level. What are the terms?
  • You Will have acccess to the previous level STL releases.
  • Please send us a message with idea and references of what you wish to create, you get one character illustration per month.
  • You will receive ONE preview update before cleanup and color to request changes or additions. Once approved, there will be no further changes to your art piece. 
  • Character illustration will be provided on a blank white background JPG color file. One character on pose without background.
  • Fan art and original creations are ok to both request.
  • The illustration will follow the chibi style established in previous releases. Please do check if that suits your needs.
  • We will not be able to help you create Over-sexualized artwork, NSFW, explicit themes, and offensive / ideologically charged / controversial characters. Please consult with us if you have questions, we want to keep this family friendly.
  • The created piece of artwork can be used in personal projects, as an avatar for electronic communications or internet streams, for Role playing games, or customization for existing games. You are granted a personal use license for the produced art piece, and cannot profit from products created from the art piece. 
  • Please use proper attribution when displaying the illustration. Art piece cannot be used as a display in commercial environments, but of course it is available for personal space. 
  • The creation of a character design or illustration in this tier does not constitute a promise that it will be sculpted or offered in 3d form. It's just an illustration. 
  • If you wish to use this in a professional / production or profit piece, please ask Dia, she will be glad to take your commision outside of the Patreon enviroment. 
$1,500 - reached! per month
I will make time to create a VIDEO each month showing you the sculpting of one of the characters while talking shop and questions.
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