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Give anything and I'll thank you in the next chapter I update where you'll be named as a supporter of it. Let me know what name/handle you'd like to go by.

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The same as before, plus I'll add a link to your fimfiction page on my profile page.

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The same as before, plus access to a Patreon Discord Server where I'll listen to ideas and stuff.




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I write dumb but obviously brilliant stories about ponies. Throw money at me so I'll more likely write more often, updating old stories and writing new ones.

I do like writing, and I hate leaving stories unfinished, as there's plenty of stories I've read that were abandoned. But unfortunately, real life tends to get in the way. With your help, the less that will have to happen.
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I'll write a tonne more often and create custom cover art for my stories. At this point real life can go screw itself and I won't bother with a full time job.
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