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Welcome to the Lettuce tier. You're mean and green, and I like that crunch. 

-Those who support on the lettuce tier get their name listed at the end every new YouTube video in a special 'Thank you' section. 

-You also get access to Patreon exclusive polls that may help steer my content in different directions. 

-Future Giveaways will also be doubled, with a normal giveaway, and Patreon exclusive giveaways. This will allow Patrons a much greater chance at winning.

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Welcome to the Tomato tier. You're juicy and full of flavour. 

-Those who support on the Tomato tier all the benefits of the Lettuce Tier, and...

-You will receive my friend codes on multiple platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, and even Pokemon Go! if you really want. 

-You also have the opportunity to join in when streaming multiplayer games, and be part of the squad. 

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Welcome to the Cheese tier. You are a work of art. 

Those who support on the cheese tier get all the benefits of both Lettuce and Tomato, plus....

-Voiced shoutouts alongside the written ones in the 'Thank you' section at the end of YouTube videos. 

-My undying love and appreciation. 



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Hello, and welcome to CaptBurgerson's Patreon page.
I really don't know what to do with this yet, I'm just humbled and flattered that people would want to support me on a platform like this.
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If you aren't able to, you can catch the re-uploads onto my youtube channel, where I also post the occasional misc video as well. 
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