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About Caput Mundi Games

Welcome to Caput Mundi Games!

We're an indie dev group and our goal is to make fun, intriguing and original games!
Our current project is “Azzurrina, the Ghostly Girl”, a 3D-platformer
game with an energic and joyful ghost!

We will be showing concepts, processes and everything connected to the development of this game here on Patreon , obviously
including exclusive content for patrons.
Thanks for the support!!


If you like Saturday morning cartoons, with “Azzurrina: the Ghostly Girl” we want to show you a funny adventure in an underworld, threatened by the classic evil bad guy of the moment:
Vanesio the Moonman.
Where no undead has managed to prevent his rise to power, only a phantom girl will decide to stop the bad guys, free her kidnapped mother and, since there’s no place like home, make him pay a compensation for destroying her family castle. .
Play as Azzurrina Spettro and set off on adventure in the 10 kingdoms of the underworld conquered by Vanesio the Moon Man. Find unique and legendary treasures, meet a bizarre and varied cast, embark on funny quests, save the underworld, bring back Azzurrina’s mom and enough money and trophies to rebuild the family castle.

You are Azzurrina Spettro, a phantom girl who saw her mother get kidnapped by the evil Vanesio the Moonman while he was destroying her family castle. You start your rebellion against this injustice from Ghostly Swamp, a touristic location for ghosts and monsters in the underworld, now occupied by Vanesio’s army. But it’s just the beginning of a long journey, where the road to free Azzurrina’s mom and the underworld is fraught with dangers and nobody will have mercy of you.
As a ghost, you will be able to use your ghost powers to solve puzzles, fight enemies, find hidden secret areas and help the inhabitants of the underworld in the various 10 kingdoms occupied by Vanesio

With Azzurrina: The Ghostly Girl, we want to create a unique, colourful, varied and entertaining cast with the same feeling you get when watching Saturday morning cartoons
(come on, we know you do!) , all dressed with a bizarre underworld populated by creatures like ghosts, demons, robots, devils, zombies, skeletons and many other monsters and creatures to meet or fight in the 10 occupied kingdoms. After all, what is an adventure without exotic countries and its own people to be saved from evil tyrants?

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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