is creating virtual machines for movie nights!

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 - Our thanks and continued development! 
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Please read our ToS and FAQ on the website. Pornographic material is not allowed on Caracal

Browse the web while chatting with your friends and loved ones. Have movie nights. Put on dank tunes. Look at memes. All in a virtual browser that's streamed to everyone, without needing a fast computer or upload speed. Perfect for long distance relationships and friends. Maybe you'll even join a public room and make new friends :)

If you remember, we're a replacement for that. Video encoding is rather cpu intensive so the servers we need to run Caracal cost more than your typical website. The only funding we have is through our subscribers, so the only way we're able to stay running and grow is through everyone's support! At the time of writing we have 10  12 15 17 18 20 23 25 40  a dynamic number of rooms available for free public use based on the total number of rooms, with the maximum currently being 120. Subscribers are able to skip the line and make a room any time they want. 

As we grow we're continually adding more free rooms. Your financial support not only ensures you always have a room available, but also helps make more free rooms available to everyone! 

We are very active in our Discord server where we provide support, listen to feature suggestions, and have a growing community where you can set up movie nights!

We rarely need to use the fallback droplets at this point, 99.9% of the time there's no difference between the $5 and $10 tiers as the rooms are the same when they're on our dedicated servers. If all of our dedicated servers were full, or if some kind of very broad outage happened is when a fallback droplet would be used. We will get around to adding extra cosmetic features to the $10 tier at some point, but for now it's mostly just if you want to support us a bit more! <3

As Patreon informs you, and as the welcome email when you subscribe tells you, you'll be charged on the date you subscribe and on the 1st thereafter. If you'd like to make a one time payment simply unsubscribe after your payment has gone through.

You will receive a 31-day subscription key for each payment you make which you can activate at your convenience. It will be emailed to the email linked to your Patreon account in most cases. The exceptions are if you're manually re-subscribing in the middle of the month, or if you're in the $20 tier, in those cases it will be sent via Patreon message! Be sure to whitelist [email protected] so you get the email with your sub key in it! And just reach out to us if you're having trouble :)

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