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''cyberpunk hair-dyed Attenborough" - kieron gillen

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I am Cara Ellison, a game narrative designer. You can find most of my work here at my website.


Edinburgh Old Town, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH1, UK

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I wrote about games in a mostly gonzo manner from sometime in 2011 until April 2015. You can see most of my work here on my website. Since May 2015 I've been a full time games developer.

This Patreon supported me through the year of 2014 primarily funding gonzo travelogue around the world.

It is mostly defunct now: you can subscribe to it but I haven't written to it for a while. What gets written to this now is miscellanous games essays, on a very very irregular basis. Maybe one piece a month, but mostly less than that. 

Last year your generosity allowed me to travel all across the world making a book about staying on game developers' couches. It is now being edited into a book of 50,000 words! I paid Irene some of your money to make me a cover:

If you backed me you will receive an ebook of these adventures, and if you did so and have not received one you should send me a message. I may do it again once I am able, if you want me to. I will go further afield next time. Thank you for being so lovely.
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