is creating a world for D&D through a series of short stories.

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Story 1 - The Temple of the Dead God

Pride and Prejudice meets Game of Thrones in this short story about how a simple fashion choice can have dramatic consequences in this fantastical city inspired by 15th century Venice. Bonus content for D&D players: Beautiful high res map of Caratul.


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You can also check out my other projects that I have created: D&D in a Castle and Archvillain Games!


I am setting out on this journey to piece together a world that keeps me excited and motivated to continue to build deeper and deeper, not necessarily wider and wider. I am going to focus on the things I love most about D&D, the style of game that I personally love to play and hopefully there will be others out there that feel the same way. To understand what to expect from my world, I have shared below the principles that I will use to create a consistent world.

Principle #1 - Build a world through the experiences of people
In the real world, we are usually forced to read about history through the lens of historians, but with fantasy we can live the history itself through the people who lived it. The events that form a society are the greatest stories that can be told, which gives us an opportunity to experience them and feel the fantasy world even more than our own.

Principle #2 - Confine the world to one region.

Fantasy settings are based on historical times when the world was still big, when children aspired to be explorers just to know what was beyond the nearest mountain range, and the oceans were infinite. My world will fit within one region so that DMs can add it to their homebrew or canon worlds. Creativity loves constraints and I want to force the story to not have to rely on wider and wider geography, or stretch out for new space with tendrils that need more and more until the whole world is fully explained with nothing new to explore. I want to make a world with stories that are deep and a land that is interesting enough for an adventurer to explore for a lifetime.

Principle #3 - Provide a spectrum of fantasy (Low to High)

Instead of a low-fantasy world, or a high-fantasy world, create a world that varies in the presence fantastical elements. From completely human and non-magical to totally fantastical with no semblance of our reality, and everything in between. The world will provide plausible reasons for both low and high fantasy environments.

Principle #4 - Collaborate whenever possible.
My greatest joy is to see creativity happen at the nexus of genius. That is why I love this game so much and so I will constantly look for opportunities to connect with other artists to bring this world's various dimensions to life.
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