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About Car Audio Fabrication

Welcome to the CAF Patreon Member Group!

For the last 6 years I have made several hundreds of Car Audio videos to help people around the world learn how to "Master Car Audio" THANK YOU for always watching the videos!... but now it's time to take things to the next level!

This site allows you and I to help one another even more, and while I love all my fans, this site allows me to assist my biggest fans on a more personal level. The fact that you are here checking this out tell's me you are definitely interested in more information and further elevating your car audio skill set, I'm glad to have you here! I have big plans for what I would like to be able to teach and show in the future, I'm passionate about growing the library of videos and helping you! By joining here you make that possible!

So what do you get by joining?
When you join you get access to my Patreon only Member feed. This feed features early access to videos, access to behind the scenes videos, behind the scenes updates and we can directly discuss your questions on the videos or about car audio in general. There is a community feed that you can post to and get feedback and we can discuss your projects.

The main point of this group is for you and I to help each other. Your membership helps me to make more videos, and in the mean time I can help you even more with your car audio questions, issues and advancing your skills. Other perks include shout outs, video credits listing and more!

How does this site work?
You select a membership level to join. The level you select is per video. When you sign up you can set a monthly max so if I make more videos than you expect you won't go over your budget for the month. 

How do you join?
To get started click "Become a Patron" I look forward to meeting you inside! - Mark

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