Carbon eSports is creating a Community, Academy and Organisation


$2 /mo
  • Patron Specific Role on our Discord
  • Thank you in every Carbonite meeting on Sundays
  • Mentioning on our Website
  • Weekly Patreon meeting with the admins for discussion a...


$7 /mo
  • Priority on decks being built for you by the Coaches and Main teams of Carbon every Month on demand!
  • Custom Emoji on our Discord Server on request.
  • Plus all previous rewards

Metastable Graphite

$12 /mo
  • An in depth lesson unique to patrons each month held by Bloodmordius lasting two hours.
  • Plus all previous rewards

Metastable Diamond

$18 /mo
  • You can be a part of the Shenanigans crew for our YouTube series!
  • A Game of Paragon with Admins, Coaches and Managers (One Time)
  • A Guide to a Specific strategy of your choic...

Black Diamond

$25 /mo
  • Full Game Replay Analysis Video with a Detailed Document Included by Carbons top Coaches and Main Teams each month
  • Compete in the Carbon Games once a month! (A series of custom game...

Clear Diamond

$40 /mo
  • A free 1 hour one on one coaching session with Bloodmordius!
  • A featured Clip up to 30 Seconds of you making a play within Paragon on our Youtube and Website (One Time)
  • Plus all previous rewards