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For all of my 9-5ers, help is on the way! Join this membership tier and you'll be able to get access to my insights to help you navigate your toughest career challenges. We'll be talking all about:

  • How to deal with your horrible manager
  • How to motivate your team
  • How to thrive in a toxic work environment
  • How to brand yourself for that next promotion
  • How to communicate so that people take you seriously
  • How to negotiate your salary and other key benefits
  • How to get noticed for leadership opportunities
  • How to level-up your leadership
  • How to start a side hustle
  • Conflict management essentials
  • Leading others

...and much more! If you're not willing to invest 90-cents a day for YOUR OWN career growth, you're not ready for career freedom. 

About Dr. Brandi

Hey there!

Welcome to the Career Freedom Club!

For those of you struggling to thrive in a stressful career or challenging work environment, this is the community for you! Join me each week for Career Therapy Sessions to help you: 

  • Overcome the corporate games
  • Manage the workplace bullies
  • Thrive in toxic work environments
  • Build a professional brand
  • Develop leadership & management skills
  • ...and more

If you have any questions before you join, email me and the CFC team at,  [email protected] See you in the club!

In excellence, 

Dr. Brandi
Career Freedom Club