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About CaribbeanPot

In the Spring of 2009 I started documenting recipes for my daughters on in anticipation of them leaving home and heading off to university in a few years. While they are Canadian and we proudly call Canada 'home', our kitchen is very representative of the Caribbean, where I grew up. I wanted my girls to be able to recreate the dishes they grew up enjoying, wherever in the world education took them. 

While we have a very rich and diverse culinary history in the Caribbean, at that time there wasn't any "Caribbean" cookbooks on shelves for me to simply give to Kieana, Tehya and India to take with them. Our traditions were (and still today) passed on to others verbally and only today are we seeing people like myself document and curate our culinary culture. In less than 3 months after launching we started seeing  people from all over the world flock to for their jerk chicken, curry goat and roti fix . We now connect with millions of fans of Caribbean cuisine globally. With precise measurements, full lists of ingredients, easy to follow instructions, step by step images and a full demo video for each recipe shared, people fell in love with what I was doing. Basically, I made cooking simple, fun and fool-proof! PLUS, it was the first time a global audience was able to get a true taste of the "Caribbean" from the comfort of their own kitchen. Which would explain the overwhelming growth we've seen over the years.

As explained in the video above, I've taken this as far as one person possibly can, so to continue on the same trajectory I Need YOUR Help! There is SO much more I'd like to do, but due to financial constraints I can't. Back in 2009 it would never have crossed my mind that we'd have such an influence on people's dinner table around the world.

How Patreon Works!
Patreon allows you to become a patron of me and what I'm doing. It's very simple... all you have to do is choose a dollar amount you feel comfortable donating and Patreon will automatically charge you that amount every month. 
* With each dollar amount comes bonuses (more on that below).

Chris How Can I Help?

Simply click on a dollar amount you know you're comfortable with, from the options (right of this page) and follow the simple steps to get started. Please note that should your situation change or you feel you can no longer be my patron, you're free to cancel at any time. 

Important.  If your current situation means you cannot support (monetarily) or you simply choose not to, please don't stress! I fully understand and I want you to know that by you simply watching my videossharing/using my website and being connected with me via InstagramTwitter and Facebook.. I'm forever grateful!

What Will The Money Be Used For?
The simplified get MORE recipes and videos to you at a much higher quality, without losing the friendly and engaging manner in which you've come to enjoy. This includes:
  1. Upgrade cameras, lighting, computers, software and everything needed to reach that next level
  2. Hire (pay wages) staff (email support, editors, social media team, film crew, programming and graphic design)
  3. Allow us to travel to various locations to bring you NEW recipes, cultural pieces and to trace the influences of  Caribbean Culinary Culture.Even after 500 + recipes I've barely scratched the surface of the delicious offerings of the Caribbean.
  4. Upgrade our current hosting/server so you have a much faster web experience with us
  5. Cover monthly operating costs
  6. Overhaul the current website so it's more user friendly (mobile devices) and add some NEW features
  7. Design and launch an App - Yes, I've been reading your emails!
  8. Purchase the ingredients we need (living in Canada means a lot of what's used in the recipes are imported so it can be very expensive)
  9. New kitchen equipment 
  10. Offer FREE classes to children/youth (recipes, healthy lifestyle and building a business online)
  11. A studio (more below)  
THE ULTIMATE GOAL!  With your assistance I'd like to lease and equip a studio where we'll have a kitchen studio / test kitchen, run our operations and have a space where I can work with kids (no charge to them/their parents), so I can pass on my knowledge to another generation. Such a space is a grand ambition, but with the drive I have and with your support we can certainly do this. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to have you visit this hub and have some fun in the kitchen with myself and my daughters. 

Everything you've seen me do and accomplish thus far was funded out of my own pocket.There are NO sponsors - when we approach sponsors (even those in our community) they refuse without even considering the massive captive audience they can tap into. In most cases I don't even get the professional courtesy of a response.

I've created some super cool things for our patrons including:

  • monthly live video chat with myself and guest chefs, nutritionists and people involved in the food industry
  • the ability to be in direct contact with me / staff
  • you can choose recipes you'd like to see - you control the show
  • support team to answer your questions and assist with your kitchen conundrums
  • monthly prize giveaways
  • copy of my (now retired) cookbook "60 Traditional And Fusion Recipes" (PDF format only)
  • copy of my cookbook "The Vibrant Caribbean Pot - 100 Traditional And Fusion recipes" (PDF format only)
  • access to the Private Members Only section
  • access to Private Members ONLY recipe and travel videos

Types of Food/Recipes.

If you're not familiar with me and what I do, I invite you to visit where we have an excellent mix of meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, fish and seafood, desserts and drinks recipes. Using ingredients you already purchase and you'll also get an introduction to some new and exotic ones. In cases where I may use an ingredient you're not familiar with I try my best to educate you on how to shop for, store and use that ingredient. In many cases I'll also offer you alternative choices, which may be easier for you to source. If you're looking for exciting ways to use meats, seafood and vegetables you're bored with.. I can definitely help.  

The food of the Caribbean is based on the traditions of our Native peoples, our Colonizers (Spanish, English, French, Dutch and Portuguese), slaves from West Africa and after slavery was abolished indentured laborers were brought in from India and China. We've also seen immigrants from other European countries and places like Lebanon and Syria make a home in the Caribbean over a 100 years ago. This EXACTLY why we can boast such amazing food in the Caribbean.

What started off as a means to document recipes for my daughters has grown into something none of us expected, but there's so much more I'd love to share with you. With your generous assistance we'll accomplish much!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being one of my most loyal supporters! What you have seen so far is the tip of a very big iceberg. It would be so exciting to explore where the next few years may take us all!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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