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Either you're too kind or you think I'm cool. Or just beans. Either way, I'll take it with tons of gratitude. The door is flung open to you, so please choose your chair, and enjoy your stay.

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I write stories with the bright, bold colors of our Filipino culture, whether it be the Tagalog names of my dystopian characters or bringing you here, right in the middle of our streets where spray-painted jeepneys dart across with their stereos blasting classic OPM.

Real people are my heroes. It's the whiny girl who has yet to learn what a mother's love is. It's the snarky street kids who couldn't write their names yet think about the stars. It's the jeepney driver who listens to every passenger's tale. The fishball vendors. The members of the drum and lyre band. The teens trying to find their place in the world and discovering they had to make names for themselves.

I want to write stories about them, let them know they are seen, that the lives are worthy and special. I recognize them, I appreciate their breaths and heartbeats, and the world would be completely wrong without them.

Patreon is where I have decided to launch my stories pulled from the "tin," as Jo March would often say, and rehash them into modern tales. My heart is all for MG and YA, but sometimes, I write angst and horror, too. I love fantasy. 


Everything you graciously share with me is a tap on the back, a shake on the hand, a kiss on the cheek. Being a writer is a lonely process—even after we emerge from the epiphanic abyss, there's little ways to know whether we have done good enough. Having you here makes me glad that what I'm doing is something. Not astoundingly great, but enough. And your eyes on my words? That means a lot.

You are free to send me a private message on any eyebrow-raising line. I would love to explain it to you, or fix it up should it turn out to be a mess.

Salamat. Thank you.

I am happy that you're here. Please find a chair and stay for as long as you'd like.

Caris | [email protected]

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