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per Book chapters and transmedia content
Access to new chapters of "When Comes the Firetide" series posted for "Patrons only" as well as short stories written in the world of Tybraes. And access to content written in the world of "Vector H+" posted for "Patrons only". As well as access to short stories and scripts posted with a week advance preview for patrons or for patrons only.

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per Book chapters and transmedia content
All previous tier perks plus, .PDF downloads of my previously published books: Evergate, Roofwalker, and Chrysalis, and a mention in the Patron Acknowledgments of all final media produced through Patreon sponsorship.

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per Book chapters and transmedia content
Access to previous tier perks, a .pdf collection of some of my personal story and character notes and sketches. This will contain content that did not make it into my final stories, possible spoilers, and notes on the stories' origins not currently shared with the general public.



About Carissa Starr

The world is filled with voices, why should you support mine?
Because the world is also full of voices with very little to say, and those of us with stories to tell need someone willing to huddle at our fire willing to hear it through to the end. I have dozens of stories out there for you to read. That's the best sales pitch I can offer. Read those, find my voice. Is it one with even a hint of a siren song for your soul? I hope so, I truly do. The project I want to complete, the stories I have to tell are enormous and I am going to keep at them even if no one supports me. But I won't lie, having at least a few people standing around the fire leaning in, it definitely stokes that fire brighter.

For decades I have been writing. Long before I was paid to do it, I wrote for the school newspapers, comic books, plays, film scripts, short stories, RPGs. Then as an adult, discovered people paid real money for those things. Great revelation, right? So I still did all those things plus added novels and web content to the list. Writing from gig to gig usurps a lot of time for very little pay and drains the energy away from my own creations. The larger their project, the more mine seemed to die. I simply refuse to sacrifice my work anymore. Like any hero's tale, however, if I am to triumph and rise from farm girl to squire to knight, I cannot do it alone.

So what would Patrons be seeing, exactly?
Sometimes I delve into big projects and you'll get chapters of books, like "When Comes the Firetide" series or short stories based in that same world. Or content based around my transmedia project "Vector H+" which could be film or comic scripts, or short stories. I write random short stories unrelated to anything, and sometimes take up a film script project, such as the web series I wrote called "Snow". It's a multimedia (and transmedia) mix of fiction here. All patrons will be free to chat with me, ask questions, offer suggestions or critiques on my work since most of what is released is still a work in progress. I encourage everyone to be open and honest with their thoughts. Once I have finished a book, the final, fully revised, completed works will be available for free download to all patrons.

Thank you for taking the time to read my pitch, and doubly thank you if you take a chance on my wild ideas and support me in my work.

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The novel for Vector H+ is nearing completion as is the first series of books for the world of Tybraes, When Comes the Firetide. I would like to hire a quality artist to create phenomenal cover art for them- possibly one here on Patreon! This Goal might also allow for me to hire an editor to give them all a very thorough, surgical dissection.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts

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