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is creating photography, videography & visuals
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See exclusive edits and photos i won't show anywhere else than in this gallery. Includes some Photos of me to get to know me. See some behind the scenes photos and how i am working. Also you'll be able to see before & after posts with a little description what i did. 

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If You enable me to buy myself Adobe Lightroom, you will get here my Lightroom Presets for your photos for free. But first i have to reach my goal of 120$ to buy it, then i can create presets and give them to you. When available, it'll be 2 Lightroom Preset packs in a year via download link. (for now i'm editing my raws in photoshop, but it's not that nice like to do it in lightroom)

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About Carl Grand

Hello and thank you for visiting my patreon page!

My name is Carl (34)
and i am a photographer, videographer, graph-x designer and creative mind from germany / nuremberg / bavaria.

Why am i here:

I'm creating photography and visuals. With the money i could get here i would get myself a better camera to create better picturesand videos and i would buy adobe lightroom to generate some lightroom presets which i would try to sell, but you will get them for FREE when you become a patron of me.

YOU will be able to see exclusive content i only will publish especially for my patrons and also exclusive lightroom presets. If YOU are interested in editing photos or photomanipulation i will maybe do a few tutorials how i edit my artworks and you will be able to see before and after pictures. Also i could help you to get more successful on your social media and you will get a shoutout from me.

Something about me to get to know me a bit more:

Since april 2018 i became a proud father of my son 'snoop' ! So every penny counts now ;)
(no worries it's not his real name it's just his nickname ;))

Our happy little world ❤
(see the original photo in my exclusive gallery - become a patron)

Besides my videography and graphic business i am active on instagram. But without any earnings yet :(
you can visit my feed here:

I speak multiple languages fluently:
german, russian, english and i try to learn spanish.

My leasuretime activities are:
Basketball, Bodybuilding, illustrating/drawing, cooking and playing PS4 and Switch ;)

Where i would like to be:

(just a little preview of my work ;)
$0 of $30 per month
Weekly diapers for my son.
When i reach this goal it helps me a lot with the costs of the diapers for my 2 month old son. I think everybody knows the struggle with diapers for a newborn. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts