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About Carlos Overdrive

Hi, my name is Carlos Overdrive, i´m a musician, singer songwriter and i love to make people happy and fulfilled with the power of music.
       I'm from Venezuela and there are many obstacles here for musicians who aspire to make a living making art through music, i have the support of my beautiful family, my wife Maria Eugenia and my 3 awesome kids, who also wanted to be musicians too, and they have been with me through rough times and good times, and always are amazingly supportive, but there are many things that i still need in order to materialize the ideas in my head, and still make a good living for my family, thats why i need support, your support.
       In terms of gear and music production / recording in Venezuela is almost impossible to work without spending large cuantities of money, because of the high porcentage of inflation. This have been said, i still love to work with music. I am currently in 3 mega cover bands: @chilesrojosycalientes (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover), (Guns and Roses cover) and @overdriverockshow (The Queen Experience) (check us all on instagram), we play shows all over the country, but always underpayed, sometimes we could not even afford guitar strings with what we make on gigs, saddly a lot of good talent is migrating to other countries to make a good living for their families, but not us, we still rock it here 100% all in, because we believe that better times will come, we still do it because we love it!
      Thats why your support is gold!
      My singing voice ranges are very versatile i could sing from Led Zeppelin to Backstreet Boys so i can create original music and content that could fit any needs, im also in a super awesome hard rock band called: @smokingskullsband with original music that you should defenetly hear!

thank you for your support!
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when i reach 500 per month i will release an EP with original music
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