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is creating Bluegrass/Acoustic Gospel Music
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About Carl Towns

I am a Bluegrass/Country/Gospel singer/songwriter/musician.
I am working on a new CD project under the gospel band name "Nameless". I decided to call it that because my name, your name, any other name doesn't really matter. I don't want the glory for something the Lord has given me the ability to do. I want to give him the glory. There is only one name under heaven and in heaven, whereby a person can be saved and that name is Jesus! So we are Nameless. The CD will feature several of my original songs and few covers. I hope to do 12 to 14 songs on the CD. That is one reason I am hoping to get some funding. I need about $1000 to pay for studio time. And around $500 to get some CDs made.
Besides that, I am willing to write a song especially for you. I have a YouTube channel and will make a video of that song, and place it here and there. If there is a song that is already written that you want me to sing, I will do that as well.
I'd love to make a video of a song I wrote called "Cherokee Wind". I sang it on my youtube channel and have always envisioned a really cool video for it.
I have other projects I am working on as well besides CD projects. I'd like to create a Bluegrass Music Video Channel on YouTube. This is not just music but news and interviews and such. I'd like to show actual music videos, but also go and visit various festivals and concerts and video content there, like interviews with the top Bluegrass Artists and create a daily news feed as well. This is something I have really been thinking about. Maybe you would want to see that happen.

I love music and thank God for the gifts he has given me. I thank you for supporting these gifts and hope something I do will bless you and make you happy!
$0 of $1,500 per CD Project and YouTube Music Channel
With the success of this goal, I can record the 12-14 song CD and distribute it to radio, and online. It will give me enough to get several 100 physical CDs made.
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