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  • Access to raw, HD video files (CM videos included!). YouTube downsizes the videos considerably and lowers the quality. Now you can see and hear how the videos are supposed to look and sound in true HD! I’ll make the newly posted videos’ raw files available for download weekly, and it will be a video buffet, wherein you can pick and choose what videos you'd like to download. This includes ALL past videos, not just those newly made for the week. You'll also receive official folder icons of the various YouTube channels, for saving the videos in.

  • Access to Patreon-only videos. I'll be making videos exclusively for Patreon! The topics for some, if not all of the videos will be determined by the patrons themselves!
Tier 2
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  • You get all the benefits of Tier 1!

  • You get to determine the topic of Patreon-only videos! I’ll be making at least 1 exclusive video a week, and will happily make more depending on popularity. The topic can be about almost anything, with at least one topic per person. If I feel to do more I will, depending on the topic scope. If I feel I can’t do the topic justice, you’ll have to choose another one. I’ll choose the topic based on the patron’s name alphabetically.

  • Access to the raw audio and transcript of all CM videos, including bare narration, and bare music (the CM theme!).

  • Access to most if not all of the media used to make each numbered CM series video (not the movie), such as videos and stills. Some of the photos are so beautiful you may want to use them as a wallpaper, or maybe you're just curious to see what media I use to make the videos. It’s a perfect behind the scenes peek of the CM series! Go CM crazy! :)




I'm making videos about all types of subjects. Topics include the nature of human reality experience, bodily health and disease, current events, and turning the "supernatural" natural. I have a unique perspective on a giant spectrum of subjects, and I bring something new to the table of realizing who we are and why we're here as a species. For more info on what I do, go here:
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