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is creating health science lessons, with a focus on harm reduction advocacy

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Fine print: We might need to negotiate the details to make sure it is practical. This is limited to general science lesson and overview type topics; if you want me to do an analysis of particular research, prepare testimony, or such, please contact me about my consulting business.

Also, if you are in a position to consider a substantial one-off grant, please contact me directly to avoid unnecessary fees. This service is really only efficient for facilitating modest ongoing shows of support.

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About Carl V Phillips

Thanks for checking out my Patreon. I encourage you to join at the minimal $1/month level.

To explain that minimal ask, I started this page to get some financial support for my public writings, including my antiTHRlies blog and my twitter feed, and the occasional new entry at my old scholarly blog. I needed that for horrible personal reasons that my original patrons will recall. (I will spare the rest of you the story of my cheating ex and her evil divorce lawyer, perjury, attempts to take away my child support, and whatnot.) The epilogue is that I don't need to be able to demonstrate that funding stream anymore. Mission accomplished (thanks!).

However, I found that I like having this platform to do some stuff that would be a bad fit elsewhere. I like having a small devoted core of followers, who I can target like a single classroom, rather than casting things out to a giant uncharacterizable audience. The paywall, even a minimal one, gives me that. I can try out ideas, get feedback, and draft material for those books I really should write, all without it being fully public. In addition, I have some ideas about creating premium content, and keeping this platform will give me a place for that.

Thus, I encourage you to join or stay at the $1 level. Naturally, I will delight in the show of support that comes from larger donations, but I am not asking for them. I have gotten rid of the higher-dollar tiers except the ones that offers a specific premium. If you want the premiums, they are still on offer. In particular, if you recall the "advisory level" tiers, those are gone now -- every patron is invited to play an advisory role if they want (e.g., making suggestions about future blog posts).

If you are considering joining, you can check out the non-paywalled first posts in each series I have done. My regular readers are familiar with my "science lesson" pieces at and in the archives from The Daily Vaper. They are geared toward tobacco harm reduction topics, but ought to be of interest to anyone involved with public health advocacy and trying to understand health science research. On this page, I am trying to make that more seminar-like, with readers able to participate in discussions and suggest topics. I will cover issues of research methodology, flaws in research, good reasoning, flawed reasoning, political tactics, and such.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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