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About Carly, the Joy Fairy

Welcome, beautiful souls! I am an intuitive life coach and spiritual teacher. I am in the beginning of my journey as a heart-centered entrepreneur. My mission is to empower light workers to grow through JOY, connect with their intuition, and bring their gifts to the world.

My instagram page (@carlythejoyfairy) has been bringing joy and inspiration to my followers for many years. I have been sharing my journey of navigating through depression and anxiety to finding JOY in life. It's so important to me that people shed society's limitations for themselves and for people to find their own version of happiness.

I have worked as a therapist and career counselor and felt constricted by the 9-5 work environment. I love to create, to help others, and to work hard, but my soul was suffering in my previous jobs. I believe that we can contribute to the world without sacrificing our personal freedom and happiness. I am here to show others that you can follow your heart, serve others' highest good, and make a living while doing so.

I am at the beginning stages of blogging and creating video content for my followers. My content will bring spiritual teachings and tools to those who are seeking it. My focus at this time will be on creating guided meditations for others so that we all can experience a connection to our Higher Selves and hear the guidance our soul has for us. I also will teach about crystals, numerology, astrology, intuitive development, and oracle cards.

I am so grateful for this platform and to be connected to all of you. If you feel called to support me, please make a donation that feels aligned for you. This will help me pay my bills and live life as I create content and build my business. Thank you for your support, love, and belief in the new world I am helping to create.

If you are interested in booking a LIFE PATH reading with me, please visit my site. There are two options (40 mins and 75 mins): I will guide you through a meditation experience where we connect to your inner joy and life path. Then I draw cards for an oracle card reading: we will explore the cards through a conscious conversation using my counseling and coaching skills. It's life-changing experience and will provide you clarity on your path.

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