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About Caroline Ann

Hi there! Caroline here. I'm a twenty-something creating online content - shocking, I know. I intend for this space to further cultivate presence, breath, & consciousness as a collective beyond that of the work I do IRL. Here, you'll have access (ahead of time) to my regular content + bonus guided meditations & yoga flows.

If you have any ideas or recommendations, share them with me here during a weekly brainstorming session, & I'll happily create something in tune with your vision. In its essence, this page exists so I can further the connections I've created online while communicating steadily with you all.

And this way, I won't have to put ads righhhht in the midst of a guided meditation, because that's just not the point.

Anywho, if you tag along as a patron I expect the creative & mindful path is just beginning, and I'm sending you loads of gratitude for sticking by my side.
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I'll release an e-book with all of my meditations, written down for you, & unpublished musings.
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