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Receive all my short fiction (everything under 25,000 words) early.  Usually 1-2 weeks before they are published to the stores.
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Receive all my short fiction and all my novels early.  Usually 1-2 weeks before they are published to the stores.
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Receive all my short fiction and all my novels early, PLUS your name will be listed on a Patron page in all of my published works.




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About Caroline Cauthon

Who Am I?
I’m Jessica Cauthon, and I publish fiction under the name Caroline Cauthon. I write in several genres, but I focus mostly on science fiction, fantasy, and urban fantasy.

I typically write a short story a week while working on a novella or novel at the same time. Since you pledge by month, you could get up to three free stories to read each month for the $5 and $10 pledge. The $10 may even receive up to four stories.

Why Patreon?

I love to write. I can (and do!) write most of the day. But my current life situation leaves me with very little money that I can funnel into book edits and covers. Your patronage will give me enough to cover some of those expenses.

What’s In It For You?

If you support me at the $5 level, you get all of my SHORT FICTION early. This is anything that I write that is under 25,000 words, be it science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, realistic fiction—all of it!

At the $10 level, you get everything from the $5 level, PLUS all of my novels EARLY. This includes all my fictional works, no matter the genre.

If you want to go all-in, you can pledge $25 a month, and you get everything from the $5 and $10 levels, PLUS your name (and website link, if applicable) will be published in all of my publications on a Patron Supporters page.

All published pieces will be made available on my Patreon page for 1 to 2 weeks prior to its publication date.


It is a huge advantage to indie writers to participate in Amazon’s exclusivity program, which allows books to receive extra promotional benefits and be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Patreon is a way for you to get my books even if you are not an Amazon shopper (they will go out to Patreon subscribers BEFORE they are enrolled in that exclusivity program).


How are the ebooks delivered and in what format?

I use ProlificWorks for ebook delivery. I will post the download link on an appropriately-tiered post, and it will be available until the book’s publication date. I will announce the last day it will be available in the same post.

My ebooks will be available as EPUBs and PDFs. I will add MOBIs as soon as I figure out how to convert my books into that format.

What is your publishing schedule?

My publishing plans tend to be tentative because sometimes, I can’t resist a new shiny idea. Also, sometimes what I think may be a short story expands into a novella or even a book. Same for books into full series. And those take a little longer to write.

That being said, my tentative plans for 2019 are as follows:

  • The Jewel of the Mountain (Fantasy Short)
  • The Selkie (Fantasy Novella)
  • The Road to Prosperity (Urban Fantasy Novella)
  • The Mist Whale (Science Fiction Novella)
  • Little Bird (Tentative Title – Fantasy Short)
  • The Violin (Urban Fantasy – Short)
  • Sacrifice (Fantasy Short)
  • Sheriff Johnson Arrested Santa (Tentative Title – Urban Fantasy Novella)
  • The Wishing Tree (Urban Fantasy Short)
  • Dragon Reborn (Fantasy Short)
  • The Faerie Festival (Urban Fantasy Short – Possible Series)
How often do you publish?

As often as possible!

I’m aiming for two short stories and, possibly, one novella a month, at the moment.

Can I loan your ebooks to family and friends?

Yes, you can share them with friends and family. All of my ebooks are DRM-free.
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This will pay for editing of my fiction and nonfiction works, and it will help cover the costs of book covers for my books and box sets.
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