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For about $1 a month, that's hour of parking at my studio! :D haha. But really, anything helps...even $1. 

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For $5 a month, that's like....a few coffees! And....every great musician needs caffeine of course LOL. Whatever you're able to give, rest assured it's going towards my music in some way. And, I appreciate that support with all my heart. Thank you!

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By pledging $25 per month, you'll be able to contribute to my video editor fund. By helping me hire an editor, I'll be able to spend more time focusing on the music.

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About Carol Kay


I'm Carol Kay, and I'm a singer/songwriter, composer & YouTuber. You may know me from my "Compose With Me" series where I filmed myself composing 10 pieces of music from scratch, my acoustic cover performances, or my behind the scenes recording vlog... All of which have collectively earned just over 2.8mil views on YouTube! 

I'm in the studio creating new music every single day. By pledging, you’ll help me to keep releasing the best content I can possibly create by being able to enlist the help of a great team of talented people. 

With your support, I'll no longer have to spread myself too thin by doing everything myself. Enlisting help from professionals would give me more time to explore new ideas, and make better content, more often!

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 Exclusive access. Join the patron-only insider crew and get exclusive news, photos, behind the scene videos, and more. 

As a patron, you’ll also have top priority on new video ideas, suggestions, song requests, your questions answered, and more!

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I've created higher rewards for those that would like more access. Subject to the reward level, here are some of the advanced perks: 
A signed album & personalized letter! I will sign my debut EP and send you a personalized letter to go along with it, after 2 months of patronage.

Why YouTube?

Since the moment I was old enough to figure out what I wanted to do, I've chosen music. For the past 15 years, I've been heavily entrenched in the industry. I've tried many different paths as an artist but the one that gave me the most joy was when I felt free enough to create whatever I wanted. 

My outlet became YouTube. While I had been posting videos sporadically since 2007, I only began to focus on serious content creation for about a year. I was doubtful whether a YouTube revival would affect my career much, but I sure was surprised! I was amazed at the love, support, and connections I quickly began building with all of you who would come back every week to watch my videos! Thanks to you, I feel like I finally found my musical home. 

No Commitment

I never want money to get in between the enjoyment of music.  Music belongs to the spirit, and I'm so glad that anyone even likes what I'm doing.  I decided to use Patreon because it's a no commitment platform that could potentially help me make bigger and better videos, more often. 

How Do Payments Work?

My videos are available for free to everyone on YouTube. However, if you'd like to support me, you'll get access to Patreon-only stuff depending on your level of contribution. As a patron, you'll get notified anytime I post something visible at your level of contribution (you can turn these notifications off if you like).

It's easy to join. Just choose your contribution (rewards) to set up an account. Payments are done securely (for instance through PayPal).

You have full flexibility on how often, and how much you'd like to pay to contribute. Payments charge once every month and you can opt out at any time.

Your contribution will be used to produce and release music and music videos!

Thank you all so much for following me this far!!!!

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