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I am a writer and journalist who grew up on NSW north-west slopes and plains who loved reading and writing about history and royalty, especially during the Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War.

In addition, I write and present an online radio podcast show, Right Royal Roundup, focusing on royal news especially from Britain, Europe, Thailand, Japan and Tonga. So, if you love finding out about the latest royal news, why not pop over for a visit.

As the royal correspondent, I share the royal news with listeners in the Narrabri district on community radio station 2Max FM 91.3.

History is full of many interesting people and events, and there are so many stories to be told. I look forward to sharing more, including royal visits to Australia in the past.

Did you know Charles II once hid in an oak tree to escape Cromwell's soldiers? Or his father, Charles I, is also a saint? (Clue: He didn't play for St Kilda in the AFL or St George-Illawarra in the NRL!) 

King Richard III's remains were found buried in a council car park in Leicester?

Edward II's Coronation was a complete schmozzle - one of the biggest stuff-ups to happen in Westminister Abbey!

Or Australia, especially Darwin, was bombed during World War II? Or King George VI's younger brother became the Governor-General of Australia?

Years ago, I started writing my first historical novel set during the first half of the 17th Century, after reading numerous books and two trips to the United Kingdom for research.

At the moment, I am also working as a casual work in retail so I know where to snap up a few good bargains at various times of the year.
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Continue writing some new exciting historical articles and find a manuscript assessor to help with my novel, to help prepare it for publication.
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