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About Caroo

Disclaimer: The Bindmancer is at early stages of development so the length of the Patron demo is about as long as the public demo right now with more features and refinement.

Please support this Patreon if you want to see the game expand and grow over time, rather then wanting a full game right now.

All other content like Ticklish Tessa and the Gallery Packs are complete products



Note: These games are made for Windows PC

My name’s Caroo and I make NSFW Video Games and Animation Sets!

This Patreon allows me to make content for you full-time!

Your support at $10 USD a month or more gives you access to all playable builds, demos, and art of the video games I make! Including completed games.

Support at $10 USD a month or more also gives you access to an exclusive Discord Server where I update my content and dev progress more often.


The current and second Project on Patreon is a much bigger game featuring multiple characters and an engaging gameplay experience! It's called The Bindmancer!

It's an Erotic Dungeon Delver where you free trapped prisoners and defeat devious enemies inside a kinky dungeon.

Give the free demo a try and consider supporting its ongoing development and getting new builds with more content by supporting the Patreon at $10 or more.

New playable builds of the game are delivered to my Patrons at least once a month!


You can also currently play my first game thanks to this Patreon!

It's called Ticklish Tessa and it's a soft BDSM and tickling-focused dating game.

In Ticklish Tessa you can:
  • Pick Tessa's gender appearance as female, male or in-between.
  • Interact with Tessa in eight different ways to tickle, tease, and pleasure them.
  • Use bondage and pick different outfits for Tessa.
  • Engage with Tessa over multiple sessions and dates.
  • Watch tons of lovely animations and reactions.


In this game your goal is to help out Tessa: A stressed-out corporate mouse with many responsibilities.

For Tessa's circumstance that help involves some playful tickling!

Ticklish Tessa's Development is almost completed.

Full Content Playable Builds of Ticklish Tessa are available for those who subscribe at $10 or more a month. 


Every once in a while I also create animation sets! These sets are usually focused around the kink themes of bondage, teasing, and tickling and each has a story to tell!

These set are made in Unity and can be viewed in either interactive galleries' at 60 FPS or viewed at 30 FPS via video files.

Here's the animation sets currently available by subscribing at $10 USD or more to the Patreon:


I've been a part of the Anthro / Furry art community since 2005. Making art as a hobby for the most part.

From a game production standpoint I’ve been active in the commercial games industry since 2006. I've worked on console games through to mobile phone games.

Having developed my game making skills at professional studios, I aim to take those skills and use them to create games that are fun and unique. Working with themes that a small team can do well whereas large teams cannot justify as viable.

I hope you enjoy the games I make! :D
- Caroo
$3,710.41 of $7,000 per month
Indefinite Game Development Stability
This is the Moonshot! When this amount can be earned consistently it means that full-time development on games can continue indefinitely. Allowing for polished, fun games that can be produced with time and care!
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