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About Sophia CarPerSanti

Hi there!

And thank you for reaching me all the way here! ^_^

For those who don't know about my work, I'm mainly a writer, have been all my life, since I can remember. I also dabble a bit in art, which came much later and mainly due to this pressing need to draw the scenes and characters of my books. But really, writing is my life's blood.

I have just started a new project, a web novel named "Dark Wind, Icy Snow", a BL novel that you can read for free on the following sites:
Scribble Hub

I am also working on two, very different projects:
* One epic/medieval style called The Universe of Arnae
* And one contemporary/supernatural style called The Children of Gaea

I'm a die hard romantic, so yeah, expect lots of that in all my books. I also love magic and mythology, and all weird things. I try my best to release new chapters/parts every other day, but sometimes real life ends up catching up with me. Right now I have more than 6 completed books, that I'm slowly reviewing and uploading for everyone to read. After all, what are books for, if not to be enjoyed by readers?

Like all writers I wish, wish, wish I could have the time to fully dedicate myself to my beloved creations. Which led me to create this page. So, if you somehow enjoy my work, please support it. All the help is welcome. ♥
Since I applied to adopt a child I am currently juggling 3 part-time jobs, so that I can earn enough to be approved by Social Security (they don't approve people who don't earn what they consider to be enough to raise a child). As such my time to write is veeeryy short T_T
Those of you who like what I write can donate $5 and read the next releases earlier on, as well as help me fulfill my 2 big life projects: Become an adoptive mom and be a writer ^_^;

Even if I ever become this huge, very important, extremely known celebrity, I promise I'll never forget your kind heart ~_~!

I'm very grateful to all my amazing readers, and hope I can continue providing you all with entertaining, magical moments.

Thank you!

P.S. Patrons are charged the instant they subscribe, so if you pledge right before the end of the month, you may be charged twice in quick succession.
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Yeah! New and more important Goal! Buy a new writing partner. Nothing fancy. Just a laptop that has all the keys (mine is missing a few right now -_-) and that doesn't take 10 minutes just to load the Windows. Ah! And that has something better than Windows 98 installed. Yeah ... >_>  Thank you for your support. 💙
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts
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