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2D-2-3D = Turning Two Dimensions Into Three
We have an Etsy now.  It is something we have been asked to do for a number of years and it is just starting out.  When we started the Patreon it was just before the whole change being proposed in how to pay.  Before we knew it, those who were going to join in on here suddenly said, no way.  They expressed their greater desire to just buy from us what they want or give us superhearts on Periscope and now funding through Peeks.  
The rewards on here have now been changed to reflect that.  
Take a read as to who we are and consider the new rewards.  Looking forward to your support. 

Who we are:

Two geeks, not so meek. We met at a Dr. Who convention in 1987 and are still building, performing and growing together. 
Combined we have more than 60 years entertainment industry experience and approx 30-35 years each, cosplay and convention organization history.  We are always exploring possibilities for continuing our art.  Conventions, Productions and life has provided sooo many opportunities we are overflowing with ideas.  

Christina started at 8 yrs old as a kid reporter and 15 as an active member of a Dr. Who fangroup. Martin started as a theatre lighting tech at 16 and brought his Tardis console project to a convention at the age of 18.

So why are you here on Patreon?
We have SOOOO much stuff!  Our primary household income comes from prop building.  When productions take hiatus or a show doesn’t need anything new built we have time AND a ton of scrap material!  We’re using Patreon to fill gaps and repurpose materials that would see the trash, if we didn’t use it up!  And to teach and inspire.  We’ve always felt good passing on our experiences and encourage others to express themselves.

What's so Special about YOUR Patreon?
Audience Connection and Industry History:  Through apps like Periscope, being part of industry change and our travels to conventions, we connect with groups of people and share.  
Still married and a team:  A rare find, we are still in a successful 'geek' marriage and that is part of this driving force.
Access to materials/Repurposing:  Our rewards are made mostly from left over materials from Productions and Projects, keeping materials out of the trash.

Where's my money going when I contribute?
Our projects:  Much of what we use is recycled but things like glue and paint is used up and must be re-bought.  We are also aiming to raise funds to get smaller versions of the 3-D Printer and Laser cutter at the prop shop so that your rewards are not limited to shop time. 
Broadcasts and Conventions: Additional Tech, Wifi access at conventions, Data charges, gas money.... Are all examples of continuing expenses.  Your contribution will help out immensely.  Our goal is to return to doing 5 to 9 conventions a year.  We love doing panels and spending hours talking about techniques.  We always look forward to teaching future cosplayers and professionals 'how to do that'.  To be able to share with many the love we have for our profession and seeding the fandom that fed our growth, is the light in our darkness.  

Where else on the internet can we hunt you down for more?
Final thought?
There have been so many incredible people in our lives.  We look forward to adding every single one of you to that list. 

Select a membership level
Up Periscope
per month
Periscope only allows viewers to see 100 back broadcasts and with all the projects were work on and adventures we have, much of that is now lost to the viewer.. But we can see them and provide a link to them.   We'll randomly pick a broadcast to provide a link to it.  You'll be watching as a replay viewer but you'll be able to skim through the process, advice or visiting location, that makes up the broadcast.  

Many of you have said that you would like to buy us a coffee or a snack while we are at events and such.  Feel free to use this as our tip jar and that is what we might do.. ON AIR!!!  

Frame Us
Limited (50 remaining)
per month
Contribute to this tier for a 5X7 image sent on the first of each month.
We have a combined collection of images from productions we have worked on, cosplays and performances, from the last 30 years.
Make sure you chose 'Cosplay' or 'Production' when you chose this tier.  
*Plus Monthly Digital, Put up the Periscope and tip jar
*Images from projects where an NDA is still in effect, can not be shared in this manner.
NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement
*Images are NOT guaranteed to be from one particular production or cosplay.
* Prints (and soon Calendar) will be put up on our Etsy.  If you wish to chose please see the Etsy Calling Reward.
Etsy Calling
per month
Etsy was calling us so we answered and began an Etsy Page:
But we don't want to give up such a great thing as Patreon so...  
Best of both worlds has arrived.  
Contribute to this level and then visit our Etsy page.  Make sure you send us your email address as you will be sent a Coupon Code.  Use the code on cashout (connected to your email address) and you will get $15 off of your order.

*All coupons are dated to the end of each year
*You can combine coupons up until the end of the year.
*Any left over amounts are forfeited once you use the coupon.  (example: You purchase $10 worth, the $5 is forfeited) .  
*Coupons are personalised.  Mailing address on both pages required as proof that you are the same person.  
*We are not responsible for the actions of customs.

Keepsakes and Minis
Limited (4 remaining)
per month
Contribute to this tier for minimum of 3 months and receive a smaller version of one of our projects OR, if there is no project minis available receive keepsakes made out of ABS, Acrylic or wood, that is inspired by our projects.  
We mail out twice a year so your gift will mail on December 1 and/or June 1.
Watch our updates for info on Minis.

*Plus Monthly Digital, Put up the Periscope and tip jar
*Minis and Keepsakes will be dictated by number of months contributed and material availability.

*Keepsakes and Minis are NOT guaranteed to be from one particular project or cosplay.  
Electronic Prop
Limited (2 remaining)
per month
So...  You want it wired up?  Pick an Electronic Prop Pack. They will be random items themed based on your choice.  You choose the theme, we choose the items. 

Themes: Steampunk

Science Fiction






Items are made from reclaimed ABS, Acrylic, Metals, leather or wood, left over from various productions and projects.  Pack will contain one electronic prop and necessary instructions for care and maintenance of the item. Add to that a signed postcard or 4X6 photo of one of our (or a production) projects and you have a complete pack.  

Items and images will be chosen randomly and to your theme.  

Items in images may not be exactly as shown.  Check updates for new designs.

  • *Plus Monthly Digital, Put up the Periscope and tip jar.
  • *Electronics are reclaimed as well.  If you wish us to purchase higher end or new electronics please add $100 to this level.
  • *Items are NOT guaranteed to be from one particular project or genre.  
  • *Re-gifting or reselling items or items made from contents of pack are permitted.   
  • *Mailing address required. Not available in countries where standard postage can not be applied.  We are not responsible for the actions of customs.
  • *If level is successful, limit on the Patron can be increased.  
  • *Images and projects still under an NDA can not be used.   
2 of 10 patrons
10 people makes for a nice small family.  Reaching 10 Patrons means we'll include birthday card downloads (one design per month) using photos of our characters and/or props.
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