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About Carrie Swails

Hello! I'm Carrie! Welcome to my online educational spot for photography and business education! There are a lot of photographers you can learn from, but not all of them want to provide tutorials, videos, and tools with a focus on diversity and inclusion, organizing your life, earning passive income through photography, and less-traditional marketing methods.

Here are just a few of my favorite topics I'll be creating content around:
  • LGBTQ+ marketing
  • How to create a more diverse and inclusive brand
  • Writing a website bio that speaks to clients
  • Balancing a full-time business and a full-time job
  • Organization (Not everyone can teach you about organization, trust a person who is clinically diagnosed as OCD).
  • Automating your business to create more time for you and your family
  • Building client email funnels
  • Earning passive income in your business
  • How to kick ass at selling prints online
  • Editing tutorials
  • How to build a website that attracts clients
  • Everything you'd ever want to know about building a successful blog (from someone who built a blog with over 9.5 million visitors)
  • Using Pinterest for marketing 

The best thing about Patreon is that as soon as you join, you get access to all the content already in that membership and all of the future content as well! 

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I haven't been posting on my Patreon feed for long, but I'm not new to the photography industry or educating other photographers. I've been featured in Rangefinder Magazine,, Photo Field Notes Podcast, Bokeh Podcast, Six Figure Photography Podcast, The BLINK Conference and more.

As both a full-time wedding photographer and a full-time third-grade teacher I know the ins and outs of building a photography business while trying to manage a job, family, parenting, and more on the side. I built my business over a decade ago while I was working another full-time job. Eventually, I was able to take my business full-time and quit working. It's the goal for everyone. It was never my plan to go back to working a regular job ever again. However, the teaching job fell into my lap at just the right moment. I live in an extremely remote area and we struggle to find qualified teachers. I was recruited even though teaching wasn't even on my radar. I was also pregnant and suffering from severe pre-partum depression. That teaching opportunity saved my life. I can't say what life would have been like if I was pregnant and working my wedding photography business alone at home during that time. It gave me a new challenge and continued my passion for teaching no matter what industry I worked in. Now that I have a child who will be in my school district, I'm continuing to work both jobs so I have more say in his future education. I like to call this my "reverse entrepreneur" journey. I believe we can have more than one passion and find the time to enjoy it all. If you're like me and you are working your photography business, hustling a job on the side, parenting and trying to feel like you can keep it all together....well, then hopefully you've landed in the right place and I can help you find that balance you're looking for!
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Pinterest and blogging are my two biggest marketing tools. When it comes to blogging, the key is to use your SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge to ensure your blog posts are actually working in your favor, instead of sitting there unread. When this goal is reached - I'll put together a detailed long post and/or video about how to optimize a blog post for the best search engine results possible.
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