Carrow Brown is creating fiction, art, and a Lovecraft Army

Lovecraft minion

$1 /mo
THANK YOU! Anything helps. You will receive a digital download of all art sponsored by this Patreon and have access to items as I post them.

Lovecraft Critter

$3 /mo
ANOTHER THANK YOU! In addition to the digital downloads, you will be able to vote on the coming projects I have lined up.

Lovecraft Hybrid

$5 /mo
Hybrids will have access to the pateron will be pick the topics that will be voted on for the next art project. In addition, you will have a digital download of the stories related to the pictures ...

Lovecraft Summoner

$10 /mo
Summoners get everything listed above, but on top of that, they get first dibs on art commissions when they open up along with any other concept art for my novel.

The Old Gods

$20 /mo
Old Gods control get everything above along with artwork/stories created only made for them. But wait! There is more! Once a month, there will be a live chat feed where we can sit, chat, and talk a...