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  • Everything in the previous tier.

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You will receive your own patron-only RSS feed so that you can listen to these episodes in your favorite podcast app. I'm totally fine with you sharing your feed with your partner or immediate family,  but PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR FEED with others or online. 

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  • Everything in the previous tier!
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About Dustin Kensrue

Hey there! This is Dustin, and I'm letting you know that the podcast is currently on hold as I am working on a new record with my band Thrice. I also just wanted to step back for a minute and reevaluate what's going on with the pod and the Patreon community/benefits/etc as well. As of now, the Patreon is paused. This means that if you are currently a member, you won't be charged until I bring this back online and I'll give you plenty of warning first so that you can decide what to do when the time comes. Cheers!


Hey there! My name is Dustin Kensrue. Growing up, I always hated small talk, but I would come alive when someone started talking about things that really seemed to matter. I’ve always been fascinated by big questions, especially the REALLY BIG ones like: Is morality relative? What can we really know for certain? Why do we feel awe as we take in the world around us? I’ve spent my life as a songwriter (in Thrice and on my own) wrestling through questions like these, but now I’m starting a new phase of that exploration, and I’d love for you to join me in my latest endeavor, the Carry The Fire podcast.

The show aims to explore those big questions through the lens of the good, the true, and the beautiful. While these days it may feel like our disagreements and divisions threaten any hope of building a broad and beloved community, could it be possible that we all share some innate common belief in the value of these three transcendentals? By exploring our differences through this common ground, I believe our individual worldviews can be enriched by our interactions, becoming more good, true, and beautiful every day. To this end, we will engage in conversations with people like you, from a wide variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and professions. Whether the conversation is with a musician or author, a scientist or philosopher, we will together glimpse the world anew through their unique perspectives.

If you are new to Patreon, it is an effective way to support the creators that you already love, or discover brand new ones. When you sign up to become a patron of the show, you are partnering with me in this work, helping me to cover costs and to invest the necessary time to make the podcast both great and sustainable. Not only that but as a patron, you'll also gain access to a variety of patron-only episodes, exclusive content and perks, as well as a patron-only online community where you can interact regularly with myself and other patrons and have the opportunity to give input that will help shape future episodes.

I believe that this journey will be truly important and will help us all to learn and grow together. I appreciate your support at whatever level you are able to give, and I look forward to carrying the fire with all of you!


*If you are interested in a one-time contribution option, you can select the "Become a Patron" on the right-hand side of my Patreon home page. Then, select “ make a custom pledge” at the bottom and finish the process. It will be set up to make that pledge the 1st day of the following month. After the 1st of the month comes and you receive an email saying your pledge has been successfully processed, you can simply delete your pledge. This will make your contribution a one-time pledge.*

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If we reach 425 Patrons by Christmas Day (Dec. 25, 2019), all patrons will receive a link to a video of me performing a classic Christmas song that I've not yet recorded anywhere.
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