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perhaps I made you laugh. perhaps I made you sigh. perhaps we shared a connection that flashed like lightning in a cloud, illuminating, if but for a moment, the evanescent landscapes and transient cast of characters that are this floating life. perhaps I ... made u think. whatever it may be, you are giving me two dollars, this adds up, and I am sincerely grateful

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arguably the best president, abraham lincoln was the only president with whom karl marx corresponded (or at least tried to). he also appears on what is arguably the most useful denomination of US paper currency. at the moment, by generously giving me five dollars a month, you are merely unlocking karma. however, in the fullness of time - sooner rather than later - this will entail a regular reward, whether that be access to media archives, a newsletter subscription, or (most likely) both
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Genesee Cream Ale is a superlative, easy-drinking sessionable beer, and you just bought me half a thirty pack of them. Or rather, you would have, if I drank much beer these days. Another refreshing habit I once enjoyed was going to a chilly, air-conditioned matinee on hot summer afternoons. At one point in time, those also cost ten dollars. But I guess $10 then was not the same as $10 is now? Look - what I'm saying is, I'm not so good at figuring out exchange value and quite possibly have made terrible life choices as far as career and money are concerned. Your generosity in ameliorating those by giving me $10, however, exceeds all expectations and is, unironically, moving. Thank you. 
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About Patrick Blanchfield

I'm a freelance writer, journalist, and erstwhile academic who's surging content production to synergize my diverse knowledge-bases into a cross-media, multi-affective traversal of the fantasy that is late capitalism 

[dies; respawns]

please help me make you laugh and cry sometimes maybe

you can check out my writing here:
I also stream things on twitch:

current twitch project: an anti-imperialist romp through the extended call of duty universe

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