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About Owner000

Hello all, I'm the creator of the Wayward galaxy. A place I been crafting for about 2 years. Over 50 races to explore their history and lore, Each with its own unique culture, traditions, and lore. The races of this galaxy are advance as each have claimed stars using their own unique technology. Elves of the Jade Empire have learned to harness suns for limitless energy allowing a vast expansion across the stars even allowing plants to thrive in the harshness of space. That is one of the examples and this is the mere tip of the galactic plane. 

I have many wonders and horrors for this galaxy for you all to enjoy. I have set up this profile to gain support in order to quickly spread the wonders of the galaxy.

There is much I can give to the world as the Galaxy is larger than our own galaxy with millions years of history to explore, learn, to see with your own eyes and your mind. With your support the galaxy can expand into comics for the various written stories planned and TTRPG for you dnd lovers. I'll also be making audio dramas and artworks for all to enjoy and Hopefully someday Animations and maybe a video game but that still years away. I will do my best to keep you all fed with the stars of the galaxy.

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