is creating a Campaign setting based on the other popular d20 OGL system

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You are along for the ride... a citizen of the World of Cartyrion.  Your supports allows the world to continue to grow around you. 

You will become a member of the Cartyrion Discord server, with the ability to discuss general issues... view a lot of overall world info... ask questions about the World... or just chat with with other Patrons.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron-only posts and messages


per month
You are more than just a resident of Cartyrion, you are an active explorer and adventurer - seeking out the wonders that this new world offers.

At this level of support, you gain the benefits of a Cartyrionite, plus access to information that a RPG player needs to create character adventurers that will take on the challenges of the world of Cartyrion.

Also, for a limited time, you will have the opportunity to be selected for playtesting rule customizations and even complete adventure modules. You will also have access to player-oriented pre-publication materials, and will have the opportunity to review and comment on them. Your input will be able to influence the experiences of those who follow after into this new world.

On the Cartyrion Discord server, Adventurer level opens up access to more channels and options.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Patron-only voting power
  • Limited Insider Access to Cartyrion on WorldAnvil
  • Early access to content


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You are one of the those who will decide the fate of the World of Cartyrion - at least at your own gaming table!

In addition to all of the benefits of the Adventurer tier, as a Gamemaster, you will have pre-publication access to complete adventure and campaign materials - including NPC and monster statblocks, scripts for presenting adventures, and tips for how to handle situations within the adventures.

You will have the opportunity to critique adventure modules that you run, and will help shape those adventures for even better performance by the next gamemasters to come along.

Finally, Gamemasters will be entitled to free downloads of all post-production PDF products, and will be eligible for discounts of printed materials when these become available.

Finally, you will also have access to even more Discord channels, and will be invited to take part in discussions that help direct and prioritize the build-out of the world.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Patron-only voting power
  • Expanded Insider Access to Cartyrion on WorldAnvil
  • Early access to content



About RPGDinosaurBob

Become a part of a new Campaign setting based on the open source rule-set used by the second most popular fantasy role-playing game system.  A whole new world at first, but new character Ancestries and Heritages... new Classes and subclass options... and new rules to make game play easier and more intuitive.

Initial support will help get basic materials into pre-publication, but with sufficient support, a full set of gaming products and a web portal to manage campaigns and characters is planned.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor - to help influence the history and lore of a whole new world... to actually play in that world... and to guarantee access to publications as they become available.
40% complete
At this level, I will purchase an upgraded World Anvil license at the "Sage" level.  This will allow me to to give you better access to the information about Cartyrion that I'm creating in World Anvil.

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