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Thank you so much!! Support in any amount, and you can suggest and vote in patron-only polls on fantasy ingredients for Tea Shop Interludes on TEA PRINCESS CHRONICLES, bonus segments featuring particular characters or locations, and blog posts on topics related to writing. The latter will be posted monthly on and marked with a picture of my cats. 



About Casey Blair

Welcome! My name is Casey Blair, and I write speculative fiction novels for adults and teens. You can find out more about me on my author website. I'm launching this Patreon alongside TEA PRINCESS CHRONICLES, a weekly serial fantasy novel full of tea and magic.

Tea Princess Chronicles is FREE, and you can read it here. It's something I work on for fun alongside other novel projects, meant to replenish my creative and motivational well, and accordingly it's pretty light-hearted. There's witchcraft and female friendships, cats and magical realms, princesses and enormous quantities of tea.

What do you get for backing this Patreon?
At least for now, I'm not worrying about reward tiers. I'm grateful for your consideration, and please feel free to back in any amount. I am using the goals feature on the left, and I'll add more as time passes and I get a better sense of what people are interested in. (Bonus segments, merchandise featuring Leigh Wallace's wonderful artwork, e-books, etc.). Backing will get you access to the Patreon, where I'll periodically take surveys on what to write or what else you'd like to see from me.

1. For every additional $25/month this Patreon earns, I'll write another Tea Shop Interlude. I've put a few of these goals up already and will adjust or add more as needed. You can read some samples of Tea Shop Interludes on the serial website: these are side scenes of about 500 words each that can be read at any point in the narrative without egregious spoilers (though I recommend reading at least the first four chapters for context). Tea Shop Interludes are set in the tea shop where Miyara works and will mainly be humorous, involving some aspect of Miyara's challenges running the tea shop.

Interludes will also each feature a tea with a different fantastical ingredient with vastly varying degrees of palatability, which Miyara will be tasting, selling, attempting to set fire to, that sort of thing. Fantasy ingredients I've put in tea for the story so far include dreadstalk bark, fairy dew extract, and jacksnake ichor.

I'll name each scene according to the featured fantasy ingredient, so you'll be able to see easily if something has been taken and can't be used again. Access to the Patreon means you can suggest or vote on which questionable fantasy ingredient you'd like to see me inflict on this poor tea shop. (Or do Miyara a favor and suggest an ingredient that doesn't sound extremely questionable!)

2. At higher price points, I'll write a few bonus segments featuring a location or characters (subject to plausibility with the main storyline) that have appeared in the story, and you will have the opportunity to help choose what those chapters feature. So as you read the story, if there are particular characters you'd love to see interact, or a place you want to spend more time in, let me know!

3. For this Patreon, each month I'll be posting blogs on topics related to writing (business or craft), which will be marked as such with an otherwise irrelevant picture of my cats. Backing the Patreon means you can also request or vote on particular blog topics you'd be interested in seeing me write about.

In summary, the Patreon is a chance for you to shape the bonus content I want to produce alongside the main storyline. (Since its purpose is also to rejuvenate me, not to create a whole lot of extra work or expense, unless support for this Patreon is shockingly high fulfillment will be focused on these kinds of supplemental writing pieces.)

All that aside, why am I starting a Patreon? What will funds go toward?
The short answer:
Increased financial stability; in particular, a safety net. All contributions here enable me to keep my functioning writing life balance by helping my ability to financially cope with unexpected/emergency/irregular expenses outside the normal day-to-day ones I have covered.

The long answer:
I work part-time so that I have the space I need to write. This setup works wonderfully for me for a lot of reasons, I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to make this work, and I want to continue as long as I can. Part of the reason I was able to quit the full-time job that was crushing me three years ago was because I'd saved a substantial buffer.

However, I don't currently make any money from writing, and over time that buffer has dwindled--my last year in particular included a car accident, moving expenses, health care costs to recover from an injury, and the company I worked at closing without notice, which left me unemployed at a time I'd expected to be making extra money.

The good news is I had a buffer, so I didn't go bankrupt and am not being forced to acquire full-time employment again. Yay emergency savings! The bad news is my buffer is nearly exhausted, and if a similar combination hits this year I'll be in trouble.

In addition, I already know that I have at least one big expense looming: my car has been in the process of dying slowly for a long time. Fingers crossed it makes it out the year, but it's sixteen years old, and it won't keep chugging along much longer. I can't currently afford to replace it. I am saving money, of course, but most of that has to be slotted to cover health insurance next year in case I'm no longer eligible for Medicaid. That means I'm not in a good position to replenish the emergency buffer quickly.

And, while I hope to have a book deal in the future, if you're not familiar with the publishing industry, suffice it to say that writing income is inconsistent. Advances have to cover long stretches of time, royalties are paid infrequently if the book earns out at all, self-employment taxes are huge--if you're interested I can do a longer post, but basically novel writing income is not at all steady. So even if I do get a book deal, I hope the Patreon will help tide me over payment gaps.

The long and short of it is I've put a lot of time and effort into developing my writing, and more than anything I want to be able to continue that work. Your support helps enable me to do so, and that means the world to me. Contributions in any amount go a long way.

So, please check out TEA PRINCESS CHRONICLES or my author website, and if you like my work or want to support me in it, I'd appreciate if you'd consider contributing here!

All the best,
75% complete
In addition to the Tea Shop Interlude, at this amount I can get TEA PRINCESS CHRONICLES' domain mapping sorted! AND you will still get a new Tea Shop Interlude: these scenes are about 500 words long, posted alongside the serial TEA PRINCESS CHRONICLES, and can be read at any time and in any order without egregious spoilers (but I recommend reading chapters 1-4 first for context!). Each is about Miyara's experience running the tea shop and features a tea blended with unique fantasy ingredient, which Patreon backers can help choose.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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