Cassandra Henken

is creating poetry and short stories while working on her debut novel.

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Keep the Dream Alive

per month
Help keep my dream of being a published writer alive and thriving. Submission fees are piling up and I'd hate to not be able to enter contests or query publishers because I can't afford to. Help me be able to enter more poetry and fiction contests and I will help you by:

* Giving you personalized shoutouts on my Twitter page.
* Sharing the details and links of any writing you wish to promote.
  • General Support

Let's Talk Writing

per month
A once-a-month opportunity to look into my mind. I've been writing for 20+ years and have a LOT to say about it. Please join me on the first Friday of every month for a lively Q&A about my history with writing, my writing and editing processes, and how writing has helped me maintain sanity in an insane world. I'll even doll out some advice, but feel free to take it with a grain of salt.

Patrons at this level will receive:

* All previous perks.
* Need something? A beta reader? Maybe an editor? I can help! For patrons at this level, I will give personal advice for poetry no longer than 30 lines, and fiction pieces no longer than 5,000 words.
  • General Support

Writing for the Soul

per month
Remember I said I've been writing for 20+ years? Well, it's time I shared it with the world! I have a lot to say about various topics. Do you like Tudor history? I talk about Henry VIII a lot. Do you have ADHD? So do I! Support me at this level and enjoy poetry and the occasional short story about all my weird hyperfixations and take advantage of these gifts:

* All previous perks.
* Once a month, I will do a random drawing and purchase one novel or poetry chapbook of less than or equal value (< $9).
  • General Support




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About Cassandra Henken

Hello, everyone! My name is Cassandra and I welcome you to my Patreon. This is a magical little place where you can support my dreams and receive some perks in return.

I am a writer, have been so for 20+ years. I write poetry, short stories, and the occasional novel or two (though I've never finished one--oops). Currently, I am working on my debut chapbook and my debut novel. It is my aspiration to be published one day, but I need a little help getting there.

Your support will help me continue striving for my goals. It'll be money in the bank for submission fees, editor fees, any other kind of fees that come along, and keeping the electricity on so I can use my various electronics.

Thank you for your interest in me and my creations. Please, enjoy.

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