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My name is Cassandra. You may recognize me from such places as ClarkesworldShimmer, and Fireside Fiction. If you don't recognize me from those locations, you may recognize me from my work on EurogamerThe Verge, and Ars Technica UK

Very recently, I've had the good fortune of selling a variety of longform works as well. Right now, they're mostly penny dreadful-style affairs: novellas intended to be devoured in a sitting. There's Rupert Wong, Cannibal Chef, in the shared universe of Gods & Monsters. There's Food of the Gods from the same world. There's Hammers on Bone, my Lovecraftian neo-noir.

More recently, there was Bearly a Lady (paranormal rom-com with all the tropes and yes, no one dies in there), and A Song for Quiet (standalone follow-up to Hammers on Bone) coming up next. 


Yes, I'm busy.

No, I don't sleep much. Why don't you ask?

Anyway. Let's get to the important questions: why am I resurrecting the Patreon? Largely because people keep suggesting really awesome ideas for new stories. The nice thing about writing longform works, I've learnt, is people want to see more of the characters. It's crazy. And I'd love to write more about the worlds that I've created except for that thing called time.

I don't have very much of it. What time I have I like using for things that make money. (I'm a capitalist abomination. Sorry), or actually taking a break and recharging. Given the way my life is built, I can't justify writing shorts willy nilly. Not for a long while, and I miss that. But that's where you come in.

$300 is a reasonably generous amount of cash for a short story, and that is going to be a hell of a motivation to write. You'll get more fiction and I'll have an excuse to prod at word that exist outside of contracted work.

Sounds good? Great! Let's do this.
$520 of $600 per story
What. Are. You. Doing. 

Okay, here's where it'd get interesting. I know a lot of writer-y people, some with Patreons of their own? I'd like to get them to do interesting things for all of us. But I'd like to pay them for the effort, obviously. 

At $600, we all run off to see if I can get advice columns written by talking apes, pun-offs, podcast silliness, and whatever else we come up together.

You still get a story.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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