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Welcome! If you’ve found your way to my Patreon, I suspect you already know who I am, but just in case:

My name is Cassandra Rose Clarke, and I am a writer of poetry and speculative fiction. All in all, I’ve published six novels, six episodes of a twenty-six episode serial, and over twenty short stories and poems. My novels have been nominated for Philip K. Dick Award (The Mad Scientist's Daughter), the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Awards (Our Lady of the Ice), and YALSA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults (The Assassin's Curse), and my poem “For Preserves” placed second in the Rhysling Awards. My latest book is a Halo tie-in novel, HALO: Battle Born, and it just came out on New Years’ Day.

Two measly words which are the dread of all freelance writers: health insurance.

While I do have a full-time job that provides me a stable income to help supplement the extremely unstable income of writing, it can not currently provide me with health insurance due to being a small start-up nonprofit. I’m now paying $360 a month for one of the cheapest ACA health insurance options available to me (I live in Texas), which is why I’ve set my first goal at $400—minus taxes, it will be enough to cover my health insurance going forward, giving me piece of mind and you access to my stories, poems, and artwork!

Anything beyond $400 a month will go towards convention travel funds so I can attend more conventions and meet more of you awesome people. And if this Patreon does really well—like a couple of thousand bucks a month well—you will have given me not only the gifts of health and travel, but also time, perhaps the most precious gift of all: time to write, revise, polish, and publish even more work that I can share with you.

Every month I will write a short story and a poem for my Patreon backers—and just $1 a month gets you access to them! There are also additional backer rewards at the various tiers, for things like illuminated poems, your name in my forthcoming novels’ acknowledgement pages, and illustrated chapbooks.

Also, every time I publish an original (not tie-in) novel, I will annotate a copy of the book with doodles, dad jokes, dumb pop culture references, and insights into the writing process. Every patron at every level will have their name entered into a drawing to win it! My next book will come out in 2020. I can't tell you anything more than that—it hasn't been officially announced yet!

I will endeavor to have a story + poem combo written for you once a month. I might skip a month if I’m on deadline or get busy—keeping patrons updated, of course!—but I do promise it will never been more than once a month.

I sold my first short story in 2010 and published my first novel in the tail end of 2012—and I am astonished at what I’ve accomplished since then. All of it has absolutely been thanks to you: the people who have read, reviewed, and shared my work. I am tremendously grateful that I am even in the position to start a Patreon, and I am thrilled that I will get to devote time to creating stories and poems for you to enjoy. Thank you!

$7 of $400 per creation
If we reach this goal, I will no longer have to stress about health insurance. As a thank you for helping me with my premiums, I’ll swap some of the monthly short stories for short story length installments of novellas!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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