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Our mission at Cassandra Voices is to maintain a wide-ranging focus, which is to say that we endeavour to locate details within broader contexts. We firmly reject over-specialisation and insularity. This is a public intellectual forum and news source nourished by many rivers.

The mythological Cassandra’s tragedy was to have her accurate prophecies dismissed by those who thought they knew better. Thus, against her advice, the Trojans accepted the gift of a wooden horse from an apparently departing Greek army, out of which crawled the soldiers who sacked the city in the dead of night.

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To understand our world – and so avoid sudden calamities – we need many lenses, whether scientific, historical or literary, working in tandem, providing perspective and anticipating developments.

Based in Dublin, our core objective is to raise the standard of living for all those living in this charming and challenging city. Our investigative journalism shines a light, emanating all too sparingly from mainstream media, on corporate and public affairs; but we also leave room for the impressions of artists and others from the cultural sphere.

We are committed to an aesthetically-informed presentation: a recognition of the value of graphic identity and photographic integrity; a respect for the creative processes beyond primary textual communication.

We invite participation from journalists, writers, poets, and photographers. Moreover, our correspondents will assist anyone we believe has a story that should be told.
We also seek support from funders, big or small, as we attempt to break the mould.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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