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is creating ways for us to connect through music, art, and curation
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every month I'll send you a link to a secret raw unplugged demo made at home with a little story about the song's background. 

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bedroom demos plus I'll send you a postcard each month, similar to my Instagram art. collect em or send em to your loves.

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bedroom demos plus I'll send you a monthly zine of scrappy words and feelings in the mail. all limited prints for this club. 




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About Cassidy Waring

Welcome to Cassidy Waring's Patreon! 

I'm Cassidy Waring. I'm a Vancouver musician, artist, story teller and connector.

This Patreon is in support of my weekly Rad Empathy Club newsletter, my visual art projects, and my music.  I am working to create connection through all of these mediums because building this supportive community means everything to me. 

Check out my Instagram here!

The Rad Empathy Club is a community of big hearted, badass humans who work to understand themselves and connect with others. We are a safe place to share without judgement. We cut the bullshit to have real conversations about our passions, fears, insecurities, and whatever truth needs voicing. We work to share our stories and see one another. We do this through our sharing stories, through art, through music, through deep conversations and community gatherings.

Subscribe to the no bullshit weekly newsletter. It’s a short and sweet list of inspirational resources including conversation starters, writing prompts, art, music, rituals, quotes, and other groovy things to get your soul fire a-blazin!

I analyze my memories like an investigator creating a board of evidence and suspects on a wall, linking behaviors and triggers together with their sources. We all tend to root through our past to give reason to our present, and understand why we are the way we are, and why our lives have turned out how they did.
Nostalgia is a bittersweet wave of comfort and grief. The root of the word breaks down into two greek words meaning “homecoming” and “pain”.This longing for the past is a sensation that is hard to pin down, and something I have always been fascinated by.
Music is one of the strongest triggers for unlocking past memories, I have found writing lyrics and music to be the most effective way to recall past events and understand my feelings surrounding them and those involved. Writing and sharing these songs is my strongest tool for being self aware and finding empathy.
These songs explore not only how my memories and coinciding behaviors have affected me, but how they have affected the people around me. Stories of broken trust, miscommunication and failed relationships are common threads in most of the songs. These stories, though very personal in lyrical content, always spark with strongest connections with listeners because they are brutally honest and highlight very relatable insecurities we all have.

First single NOSTALGIA is out here!

I started to make collage art with lyrics, words, old photos and other scrappy things, all about seeing one another and being vulnerable. I've been posting them on my instagram. I want to do more of this, so I've included art related gifts with certain donations! I'd love to build some custom pieces, or send you prints of your favourites! 

You can order a CUSTOM ART PEICE by emailing [email protected] 
You can choose the words, collage elements, size and other details. I'll mail it to you! 



I designed enamel pins that say "fuck small talk"
and tote bags that say "vulnerability is sexy"
You can get them here, on my website!

I'll come to your house, or host you at mine, for an unplugged night of acoustic songs and stories! Email [email protected] to discuss details!

Every bit of help is greatly appreciated and I can't wait to share so much more with you all.Thank you for being part of this beautiful community.  

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