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About CasualGamerHacks

CasualGamer FFXIV is a multipurpose hack tool for the Final Fantasy XIV.
The tool offers many advanced features and more are being added on daily basis.

The FREE lightweight version can be downloaded here: LINK

Main features:
  • Gathering bot
  • Cut scene skipper
  • Dialogue Skipper
  • Speed hack (in-engine & custom)
  • Fly hack
  • No clip
  • Teleport hack
  •  Click to Teleport hack
  • Zoom hack
  • Overlay/Radar hack
  •  Config & Keybindings

The hack tool interacts with the game externally, which means it does not inject code into the game process and therefore is stealthy and undetected.

Upcoming features:

  • Gathering bot using abilities to maximize yield and more settings
  • Auction house bot
  • Crafting bot
  • Much, much more

How to use:
Simply open the tool when the game is running. 
Press INSERT key to show the menu.

Gathering bot guide:
- Start the bot in a hot spot where you wish to farm. Bot will wander around, when there are no nodes near.
- You can also use Stealth before starting the bot, to increase the safety and to be completely ignored by the mobs, it wont affect the speed or yield/hour!

Hack works with the English DirectX11 version of the game.

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