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I, Jeremy, started Catacomb Culture as a macabre art series where through my art I allow people to confront one's anxieties associated with death and live with it as functional home decor. Since my start I am humbled by my growing support. Catacomb Culture has allowed me to expand beyond an art series.
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My video series, Catacomb TV , is an ongoing project consisting of occult and alternative lifestyles. In the videos I explore occult practices, dark art styles and in others travel to various cities to explore their dark sides.
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Temple of the Undying & Modern Mortalism are my latest projects which involves a community of inspiring and nurturing one another. Ideal for individuals seeking to overcome limitations rooted in death anxieties to reach one's full potential and together altruistically changing the world for the better. We find liberation in our finite existence, and wish to minimize worldly suffering.
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